Federal Large Pistol Primers #150 Box of 1000 (10 Trays of 100)

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Federal Large Pistol Primers For Sale

Federal Large Pistol Primers are essential components for reloading ammunition and ensuring reliable ignition in large cartridges. Renowned for their quality and consistency, federal 150 large pistol primers are trusted by reloaders and shooters alike. With their uniform dimensions and dependable performance, these primers contribute to the overall reliability and accuracy of handloaded ammunition. Whether you’re a competitive shooter seeking precision or a casual shooter looking for consistent ignition, Federal Large Pistol Primers deliver the reliability and performance you need. Backed by Federal’s reputation for excellence and craftsmanship, these primers uphold the highest standards of quality control to ensure every round ignites consistently and safely. Whether you’re reloading for target shooting, competition, or self-defence, 1000 federal large pistol primers for 45 acp provide the reliability and confidence you demand in your handloaded ammunition. The same Federal large pistol Primersl uses in its high-quality ammunition. It is manufactured to the highest standards for reliable ignition.
best price federal large pistol primers
warning-icon WARNING: This product can expose you to lead, Berger Match Grade which causes cancer and congenital disabilities or other reproductive harm, according to the state of California. For more information, visit www.zonearms.com/

 Product Information

1000 pieces
Primer size
Large Magnum pistol
delivery information
Shipping Weight 1,670 lbs.
DOT-Regulated Yes

Cannot ship by air
Operator restrictions
Cannot ship via USPS
Cannot send to PO Box
Must ship to the contiguous United States
HazMat Product Yes

We are presently facing some issues with receiving payment with credit cards, so we recommend using other forms of compensation. All transactions are authorized for the total amount when the order is placed. Remington CORE-LOKT .270 Winchester  Contact your financial provider for more information on authorizations. ”

Warning: hazardous material.
Dangerous material. It should be shipped by land only. Not eligible for expedited shipping. Only 48 contiguous states. A physical address is required for delivery.

Notice: the return of ammunition.
We do not accept returns of ammunition, black powder, primers, lead and brass refills or bullets for security reasons.
Notice – Pay Pal.
This item cannot be bought using the PayPal payment method.

42 reviews for Federal Large Pistol Primers #150 Box of 1000 (10 Trays of 100)

  1. Kayden

    contacted support with an issue with a seller 3 days ago and no response. very disappointed with support. don’t think I will be renewing membership.

  2. Liam

    After reading some reviews I was a little worried that something would go wrong somewhere in the process. Glad to say everything went 100% as planned. I ordered 100 rounds of .45 FMJ and this is exactly what I received. The boxes were a little torn but other than that it was what I wanted. I will be making another order for 9mm rounds.

  3. Jack

    I would have given 5 stars if the package had not been thrown into the ditch behind my mailbox to sit for 3 days during heavy rain. Needless to say I’ll be calling fed ex to reimburse for the entire order.

  4. Oliver

    Took several days to arrive and fedex left box where my neighbors dog got ahold of it and chewed it up.

  5. Kai

    I get Black Friday is very busy and order delayed because of volume, don’t get why I checked order status says it’s on hold waiting on product to be filled, that info would of been better in the email than due to volume of orders. First order done with no issues and very fast delivery, second one is ehh for now. Will order again in future to see if this was a hiccup because of Black Friday.

  6. Tyler

    You are charging way more taxes and fees than my state requires and charging tax of freight is totally wrong!

  7. Matt

    Don’t like their little tactic they use to get a few extra bucks out of you at check out when they say “lost your cash discount” because you used a credit card. AND THERE IS NO OTHER OPTION TO USE BUT A CREDIT CARD!!! BULL CRAP!!!

  8. Nathaniel

    There is no real support! You can’t pick up the phone and speak to a live person ever, only email. I have emailed them several times on different issues and can expect about a week to 10-day reply! There is currently a problem with billing and they won’t reply to settle it. I have sent 2 lengthy emails to explain the problem and have been ignored. For this, they have frozen my account!

  9. Liam

    Quality has gone down over last year. GB used to be my Go-To, but not so much any more

  10. Dylan

    Best price I could find. Just wish I could get free shipping

  11. Richard

    I shot 250 rounds of this ammo through a Glock 19/43 and an AR9 with zero issues. Buy this if you need range ammo, you can’t beat the deal! I will definitely be purchasing more whenever I need plinking ammo.

  12. Aiden

    first ammo I’ve fired through my Colt New Agent. Have shot two boxes of this ammo with no issues except for possible cleanliness. However, since I have no reference point (first 45 ammo I’ve purchased), I can’t say for sure. Will try another brand to establish but I recommend this ammo for sure.

  13. Henry

    Lost shipment (UPS/Post Office Sure delivery). Package lost; up to me now to wait 15 days (per Midway rep I finally reached via email) for them to trace my stuff.

  14. Luccio

    Very happy with the customer service. I’ll be back.

  15. Julian

    Super EZ transaction, too bad bout shipping, would’ve been a scorching deal. Great product to practice with, I actually even started hitting the free targets before I was done. Can’t wait to get back home so I can go out again

  16. Sylvie Queen

    Finally found one that works well in my pistol. Nice for 38+P using Mag brass. Just be sure they are seated all the way in.

  17. Isaac

    This is my go to 45 ACP. I’ve ordered several cases and it is great. Consistent, clean, and cheap.

  18. Edward

    I was looking for some practice rounds, and at the time, this was the only option, so I tried them in my new Glock 17M – literally the first rounds through the gun. So far, so good. 50 rounds, no misfires or ftf. Clean ejections. Since they are my first rounds fired, it’s difficult to assess how dirty they are compared to other rounds, but both cleanings were reasonable and the barrel came clean with two patches. Someone may be able to comment if that is good or bad. It’s been a while since I owned a gun, so I’m figuring it out (again).

  19. Anthony

    the best shooting ammo? Of course not. Is it clean burning? God no. Are cartridge powder charges consistent? Its definitely not match ammo. Are my groupings such that the ammo prevents me from getting better. God no, I suck. Are your grouping such that the ammo will prevent you from getting better? Be honest.

  20. Gerald

    Good Ammo a affordable. Shipping is fast

  21. Edward

    Immediately after ordering I sent an email to customer service due to a price drop and NEVER RECEIVED A REPLY. If this is how you tret your customers I won’t be one.

  22. Kevin

    The “first” order I placed was shipped to the wrong address. I was told my credit card would be refunded and I should place another order. Waiting to see how this all works out before I fully rate my experience.

  23. Hugan Pierro

    I reload my own pistol ammo, and have been using theFederal Large Pistol Primers #150 Box of 1000 (10 Trays of 100) for years, never had any problem with them.

  24. Amira Diane

    Bravo zonearms love your products you guys are giving in your best.

  25. Ryker

    It has not failed to feed once out of 430 rounds shot so far. (I bought 1000) This was my first time using this site and it won’t be the last! Thanx guys!

  26. Camden

    I shot many rounds and not one failure, jam, or feed problem. Good product where I will be ordering more

  27. Jackson

    Took several days to arrive and fedex left box where my neighbors dog got ahold of it and chewed it up.

  28. Oliver

    I got this because I was looking for quality bulk ammo, for my Glock 21 it dose the trick.

  29. Kaden Arabic

    Order shipped.. then rerouted back to sender… said they would ship it right back out to me… not sure if it was sent to me yet… just gonna wait… for now

  30. Greg

    Service needs some work. Placed my order online, got an email acknowledgement, saying i would get another when my order shipped. Still waiting for it. Got this survey the day the order arrived. Maybe sounding petty, but with porch pirates the way they are, its important to know when you’re order is arriving.

  31. Liam

    I shot many rounds and not one failure, jam, or feed problem. Good product where I will be ordering more

  32. Charles

    I bought this ammo for my Thompson M1A1 SBR.

  33. Noah

    I shoot these in a Thompson machine gun and they work GREAT

  34. Riley

    got the ammo to me quick and no hassle. The ammo works great for sig p938 and my p229 1000 rounds

  35. LImon Nisa

    Order received heading to go try it out.

  36. Dylan

    I have always had good luck with Remington ammo. I received my order in a very timely manner. The ammo as expected has fired good as anticipated. Overall a good product for a good price. Will be ordering more.

  37. Lucas

    shot two boxes of this in a springfield mod2 and a colt 1911 my dad carried in world war 2. absolutely no problems. not the cleanest i’ve shot,but not the worst,either. price was really good and service as always, excellent.

  38. Luccio

    As a police officer, I am on the range monthly to maintain my proficiency with my service weapon. My department provides 50 rounds a quarter. I supplemented my ammo with purchases from private vendors such as the ‘big-box’ retails, Wal-mart and Bass Pro. Referenced by a friend. Quick service, 3-days, and 20% less than the retailers in my area. All ammo is as expected.

  39. Stephen

    The ammo looks and performs great. I don’t care for the quite large price fluctuations that change frequently. This makes it a bit hard to know when to jump in and make the purchase. I recently purchased a fairly large quantity only to see the price fall

  40. Lucas

    Great product and an unbeatable price. My son had me on the hunt for a box of .30-06 bullets for my husband that he so desperately wanted to surprise him with for Christmas. We have 4 children under the age of 13 and he is our only boy, so it goes without saying that he and his daddy share a very special bond. How could I say no…. I went to, I kid you not, 9 different Ammo stores. Some were specific to guns and ammo; others were general outdoorsmen stores. But if I thought they had ammo in them, I went inside. All while toting a toddler in hand. I did not want to disappoint my boy, but as Christmas day kept creeping up on me, it looked like I had failed my mission. Until a wonderful man at a local guns and ammo shop (which I will be doing business with strictly because he helped me in my search) pointed me to a website and helped me search my way here. The best prices on the internet BY FAR!!!! Very satisfied with our purchase. I have a very happy husband who was so impressed with our little boy and I have a little boy who was not let down by this ol mama elf. Thank you Norma Shooting for coming through for this gun supportin, Jesus lovin’, southern girl.

  41. Kaden Arabic

    I just placed my 3rd order yesterday for some 6.5 Creedmoor. My first 2 orders were for 30 06 and 7mm mag ammo. They went fine, but this last order is on hold. I’m sure it will ship soon. The ammo prices fluctuate a lot, so jump on it when you see a good sale. 👍

  42. Mason

    Great product at a great price with a short lead time.

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