We ship our products to all major airports in the U.S. including Alaska and Hawaii, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico and to most countries around the world. We use United or Delta Airlines or UPSDiscretelogistics, FEDx which have conditioned and pressurized compartments to protect our devices from damage. All the airlines have a technological  shipping program and have on staff for supervision. We ship in new customized containers if needed. The carriers are sized appropriately for the size of the multiple devices that we are shipping. We also use absorbent Eco-Bedding to line the bottom of the carriers. All devices are sent with a minimum of 24 hrs. We screen all carriers to prevent devices from damages while in transit. We have a 100% successful shipping record. We have never had any issue with any of our devices arriving safe and in bad conditions.

Paying for your shipping:

Before we can ship any device you will need to pay for the device which include the shipping fee. The fastest way to pay for this is by using the payment methods provided to you by our customers services that they will email to you. Guarantee: We  guarantee that the devices are in good shape and all are brand new devices or when the devices are been shipped to the best of our knowledge. If you ever have a question about your device you are more than welcome to give us a call or text/e-mail me. We will give you more information on your device.  We are a one of the most reliable Tech shop that you will ever meet. We honest with you from the start. 

As soon as the you pay for your product, the product will be register with any of the shipping companies mention above to deliver your product to you on the specify date given to you. The tracking number of the shipment of your product will be given to you and the URL or  the shipping company to enable you track and trace how your package travel to you.

 If being shipped it’s up to the post office or Delta to get them to you safely. If there is any problems with the shipping you will need to talk with the post office or delta or the shipping company to handle the problem. You will receive all the information on tracking #’s or flight #’s. Out of all of the many years that we’ve been shipping our products the only problem that has ever came up was they arrived a little late. This has only happened a couple of times and each time the products were still safe . We will answer any and all questions you might have.

Buying from Us:

Once you have paid for your product in full you have within a week to set up a time to pick up your device or  give us your address to have your product shipped. If you do not pick up your product or get a time set up for shipping after your week you would lose all the money that you invested in on your product and it will be used as a donation along with your product would go back up for sale. The Reason for this is because we do not have the extra room to hold products and then sometimes people have a hard time figuring out when to get the products. So once you have paid for your product you are agreeing with all the terms that go along with the purchase and with shipping.

Putting a deposit down on a product:

The deposit price will vary depending on the type of product you want to buy. Putting a non refundable deposit down on the product that you pick and agree on. Once the deposit has been made it can not be switched for a different product and you can not get a refund on your deposit. The reason for that is once you place that product on hold we do not advertise the product on any other sites and or if it has already been advertised before your deposit and someone calls on that product we will let them know that product is not available and will try to sell them a different one. Now once your deposit has been made that product is held for you. . If you do not pick up the product within that time you will loose your deposit and the product will go back up for sale.