In the world of firearms and Primers ammunition, precision, reliability, and safety are paramount. One crucial component that plays a vital role in ensuring the smooth operation and ignition of a cartridge is the primer. Acting as the ignition source, the primer initiates the chemical reaction that propels the bullet forward. From casual shooters to seasoned sharpshooters, understanding the significance of primers and selecting the right ones for specific needs is of utmost importance.

What does spray primer mean?

An explosive substance ignites when struck to detonate the gunpowder in a cartridge. “Rimfire” cartridges have primer mix crimped inside the base, while “centerfire” cartridges have a primer mix in a “cup” in the middle of the cartridge case base.

How are ammo primers made?

A primer is made of a metal cup filled with flammable lead styphnate. On impact, Lead Styphnate bursts. During the manufacturing process, liquid lead styphnate is in the initial state. The compound is poured into the brass cup after adding the anvil, a triangular piece of metal.