STEADFAST .300 BLK 125gr HP SMK (Sierra Matchking)

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The classification for Sierra Matchking preeminent target bullets. The driving motivation for the design of each Sierra MatchKing bullet is accuracy.


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STEADFAST .300 BLK 125gr HP SMK is built using a Sierra Matchking flat base, hollow point projectile loaded in new brass casings. Sierra matches 223 lines of competition bullets. Their design gives them a high ballistic coefficient and good precision. Many competitors have used them to set world records. 

Saw-tipped it 308 works well for animals from deer to even elk using a 06/30 or. 308 Winchester. As a result, I would use something other than the blunt version because, as others have pointed out. So many of them can pass by and not cause enough damage to put the animal on the ground fast enough.

Are Sierra bullets rebate good?

One of the most precise bullets ever produced is, without a doubt, the recognizable Sierra load data 308. Sierra tipped Matchking, however, asserts that “The Match-King bullets are built for pinpoint precision, with no consideration given to what might occur after impact. If the bullet hits the target precisely,sierra matchking 308  mission is complete.

What do Sierra bullets mean?

Sierra’s line of competition bullets is called Sierra 308 load data. They have an accurate design and a high ballistic coefficient. Many competitors have utilized them to break world records.

The pride of the Sierra Bullets family, Sierra matchking 223, is unrivaled globally and genuinely top-tier in every way. Since competitive shooters have depended on 175 grain Sierra matchking for so long for their reliable accuracy, we have a history of state, national, and international records that makes our rivals green with envy.

Sierra Tipped Matchking

The it is a precision rifle bullet renowned for its exceptional accuracy and performance. Featuring a sleek, aerodynamic design with a polymer tip, it ensures consistent trajectory and terminal ballistics. Ideal for competitive shooting and long-range precision applications, this bullet combines Sierra’s renowned craftsmanship with innovative technology to deliver unparalleled results on the range or in the field.

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Diameter (inches): 0.308

Sectional Density: 0.264

9 reviews for STEADFAST .300 BLK 125gr HP SMK (Sierra Matchking)

  1. Manny

    I recently purchased a buck shotgun. I couldn’t be happier. The gun was properly packed, clean and even arrived early. This first purchase has made me a happy customer and I will gladly be making purchases from them from now on. Thank you so much.

  2. Yvanov

    Great product and fast ship and thank you guys appreciate it we’ll definitely do business with you again

  3. Rodney

    Fast shipping great quantity for such a small price. can’t wait to shoot some rounds

  4. Edward

    Good pricing and availability. Quick fulfillment. Order was recieved in good condition and as purchased.

  5. Cain

    A rifle ammo I have been searching for for a few months. The price was listed well below any other source. The dealer got the rifle to me quickly and I am looking forward to shooting it.
    Great firearm related site

  6. the Viking

    Easy to purchase. Easy to track. I received what I bought. Good experience.
    Found what I wanted, purchased it, received it as advertised.

  7. Raj

    Best ever place to purchase ammunitions…
    Best ever place to purchase firearms and reloading equipment. I trust them

  8. Jason Burn

    If you want something rare or uncommon, or even not rare or uncommon, this is the place to go. My purchase went to my FFL, where the legal transfer took place. FFL coordination is seamless, and makes the transaction easy and foolproof

  9. Natosharar

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