20 Rounds of .300 AAC Blackout Ammo by Hornady Frontier – 125gr FMJ

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This centerfire ammo, also referred to as 20 Rounds of .300 AAC Blackout Ammo, is best known for its superb performance and versatility.


Blackout Ammo For Sale

300 AAC Blackout ammo, a short name for SAAMI 300 BLK. But its purpose is to achieve ballistics similar to the Soviet 7.62 × 39mm cartridge on an AR-15 platform while using standard AR-15 magazines at their average capacity. 

Hornady uses state-of-the-art loading techniques and an unrivaled quality control protocol to ensure that every Frontier round performs admirably in whatever type of firearm can accommodate it.

Compared to the standard 300 blackout hunting ammo, it does not change the amount of ammunition. However, it increases the damage range of projectiles, as well as removes visible markers and enemy skulls from the map.

Ballistics are far superior to 5.56mm, and reliability is better. So, they are easily suppressed, offering a usable pistol with viable terminal 300 blackout ammo walmart remington 300 blackout ammo ballistics.

What Is 300 Blackout Ammo?

Known formally as the best 300for hogs, 300 BLK, or 7.6235, the 300 blackout ammo bucket (pronounced “three-hundred Remington 300”) is a rifle cartridge intended to be fired through AR-15 rifles with shorter-than-average barrels.

The only official names for the cartridge are 300 Walmart or 300 BLK. However, for the sake of simplicity, most people call it the case length 300 blackout, so I did the same in my best 300 blackout ammo for hogs article.

A cartridge, often known as a round, is a design that specifies how a bullet, a case (the brass shell that contains the gunpowder), and other components fit and work together. As a result, the term (300 blackout arp, Ammoseek 300 blk) “300 Blackout cartridge,” designates a specific bullet and case combination.

Key Features:

  1. Stealthy Design: Engineered for low visibility and reduced muzzle flash, ensuring covert operations remain undetected.
  2. Enhanced Penetration: Advanced ballistic technology enables deeper penetration through barriers, enhancing effectiveness in urban environments.
  3. Subsonic Performance: Designed to operate quietly, minimizing noise signature for clandestine operations and close-quarter engagements.
  4. Superior Accuracy: Precision engineering ensures consistent shot placement, maximizing effectiveness in critical situations.
  5. Reduced Recoil: Innovative design minimizes recoil, allowing for faster follow-up shots and improved control during rapid fire.
  6. Multi-Caliber Compatibility: Versatile ammunition compatible with a range of firearm platforms, offering adaptability to various mission requirements.
  7. Enhanced Terminal Ballistics: Optimized projectile design delivers devastating terminal performance, incapacitating targets with minimal collateral damage.
  8. Corrosion Resistance: Specialized coatings protect ammunition from environmental factors, ensuring reliability in adverse conditions.


The Ammo Quantity – 20 rounds per box

Ammo Manufacturer – Hornady

Projectiles – 125-grain full metal jacket (FMJ)

Ammo Casings – Boxer-primed brass

18 reviews for 20 Rounds of .300 AAC Blackout Ammo by Hornady Frontier – 125gr FMJ

  1. Francis C

    Shipping was relatively quick. Product was in perfect condition. Clear sight picture. Im really happy with my purchase. I cant wait to mount it and test it out

  2. Timothy

    Product appears to be well made. Looking forward to trying it out.

  3. Fernandez Ortega

    I had an impromptu shoot over the weekend and had to restock what I used. A buddy of mine told me to check these guys out first and I’m glad I did. They’re Vet/LEO owned, have the stock and aren’t price gouging like the rest of the industry. They’ll be my first choice from here on out!

  4. Thomas

    Amazing product! I bought one for Christmas for my cousin who is in the military and he loved it. The quality, fast shipping, and the price are great!

  5. MosesV

    awesome company they have fair prices fast shipping and great customer service I have order from them many times and will continue to buy from them one of the last orders I got from them arrived to my delight 2 days early I have never had any issues with the ammo I have purchased from them all worked as intended I honestly can’t say enough good about this company I recommend them to everyone I know and I would definitely recommend them to you as well all I can say is great job steel city keep up the great work and I look forward to shopping with you guys for years to come

  6. Braddy

    Excellent service, outstanding products. I highly recommend both the seller and the merchandise!
    GREAT PRICES, fast shipping, especially when they run a free shipping special!!!
    Not only do they have a wide variety, they have deals that include mags, optics, bags, etc. All names you’re familiar with and now hassle delivery. I couldn’t be more pleased.

  7. :arkorov

    Professional customer service from ordering to delivery. Package was neat and secure , and products were top notch. I will continue to order

  8. Harry

    Responsive and easy to work with for online ordering and shipment to FFLs for their California customers. Excellent communication and follow up. Shipped very quickly. 5 stars and 2 thumbs up!
    Fantastic service, impeccable packaging, you pay for this service, yet, all arrives perfectly. 2 days from Kentucky to NC. Shipped in hours, two orders, a third

  9. Andy

    You guys are great. Great prices and great service; the best of both worlds, online and physical

  10. Randy

    Texted Customer Support about a problem with a few cartridges. Problem resolved with in 30 minutes!

  11. Manny

    I recently purchased a buck shotgun. I couldn’t be happier. The gun was properly packed, clean and even arrived early. This first purchase has made me a happy customer and I will gladly be making purchases from them from now on. Thank you so much.

  12. Ganja Shooter

    3 orders in now with zero problems whatever problems these guys may have had in the past seem to be fully resolved now

  13. Rendon

    Fully satisfied with customer service. Unbelievable FAST shipping!

  14. Brandon

    I placed an order , so I thought , about 2 weeks ago. I contacted them tonight and found out it didn’t go through due to a mistake I made . Nate texted me and helped figure it out . He then pointed me to a different brand that was $40 less and gave me a code !!! AMAZING customer service !!! These guys rock !!! Let’s go Brandon 😉

  15. Nathan

    I would like to start of by saying this company has some of the best customer service there is, I placed my order a little less than a week ago, I had emailed them asking when it might ship and they quickly got back to me saying they will get it out as soon as possible and were very friendly. I would 100% recommend this company to anyone. Not only are they a great company they have great prices to go along with that. Thank you guys!

  16. Nathan

    Had another great order pickup last week. The staff are friendly and helpful. The guys always help me load my ammo purchase into my vehicle, thank you

  17. Harry

    Just got my order . Great people very helpful . I will be ordering again and recommending to my friends .

    I made my first purchase recently and I couldn’t be happier. Their prices are unbeatable. I got some much needed ammo at fantastic prices. The shipping was excellent and I love the target that was included. FedEx had some sort of issue and it potentially affected the delivery date
    they have the best prices and quick shipping. My placed my order on 2/12 and shipped on 2/14. Because of the snow storm in the Midwest my order was re-routed by FedEx ( my favorite shipper )so took a little longer but mother nature made that call. Plus I took advantage of the free shipping Valentine promo – who wouldn’t like that !! 5 STARS !!!

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