PPU 303 BRITISH FMJ 174GR 20/200


Prvi Partizan Rifle, 303 British, 174 Grain, Full Metal Jacket, 20 Round Box PP303F

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PPU 303 British FMJ For Sale

PPU 303 British FMJ match ammunition components are made with high-quality materials and special equipment. To load ammunition, PPU uses a reliable primer of uniform quality and carefully selected powder to provide similar ballistics characteristics of the cartridge.

Presently there are several factory loads available for the PPU 303 British. But most economical, military surplus 174-grain ammunition sources have dried up in recent years, with retailers occasionally obtaining supplies from faraway places as Pakistan.

The.303 cartridge achieved adequate penetration on the medium game using FMJ ammunition. Still, because of the nature of FMJ ammunition combined with the relatively small bullet diameter of the.303 compared to traditional medium and large bores in use at the time, the.303 was never viewed as the spectacular killer of African plains game.

So, Czechoslovakian Prvi Partisan marketed in the South Pacific under Highland ammunition offered two goods .303 British 147 PPU loadings at economical prices. Price is the only manufacturer to offer a 150-grain boat tail soft point. 303. Buy Swift High Grade Big Game Hunting Ammunition 270 online.


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