Sellier & Bellot 9mm Luger Ammunition FMJ 124 Grains 50 Rounds

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Shop Sellier & Bellot 9mm Luger Ammunition FMJ 124 Grains 50 Rounds and more from! Target Sports USA Luger is non …


This midway ammo from Sellier & Bellot is factory new ammo that is non-corrosive and reloadable with a brass case and boxer primer. Firstly, the target sports in the USA are simply the best value for your investment in the target Grain – FMJ – 1,000 Rounds that you will find. We have fired thousands upon thousands of these rounds, and we have an issue with quality or accuracy. As one of the largest suppliers of ammunition for NATO forces, we would expect no less.

Innovation and technology: The 9MM cartridges are also equipped with a unique NONTOX primer with no heavy metal emissions. High-quality and affordable prices are the 2 main success factors for 9mm cartridges.

It is super clean, consistent, and reliable. At this price, I’ve completely stopped buying the steel case ammo and only buy this stuff. I hope it is back in stock soon so I can buy more! This S&B ammo, SB9B, is good quality Sellier and Bellot 9mm.

Are Midway Ammo primers any good?

The Sellier & Bellot primers tested undoubtedly performed well in all of the test guns. There was no discernable difference in terms of the performance of the ammunition when compared to the more expensive brands of primers.

Armscor Ammunition follows the ISO, SAAMI, and CIP standards. Their ammo is very popular among police, military, and target shooters. No matter the purpose, Armscor promises to deliver high-quality, precise and dependable performance ammunition!

It is non-corrosive. Suppose they have Berdan primers, which they’ll most likely have if surplus ammunition; it is corrosive. According to the target sports USA website, they use Boxer primers in their ammunition.

9mm cartridges, founded in 1825, is one of the world’s oldest companies in the shooting and defense industry and is among the most important engineering companies in the Czech Republic. The advanced technology implemented in all operations guarantees products of the highest quality.

24 reviews for Sellier & Bellot 9mm Luger Ammunition FMJ 124 Grains 50 Rounds

  1. Francees34e

    My husband I found 2 turkey shotguns we really wanted. It turned out that they were quite difficult to find available. I found 1 of them and I could not have been more pleased! The price was great, the ordering process was easy, communications were timely and best of all… the gun arrived in less than a week!

  2. Sullivan D

    Good pricing and availability. Quick fulfillment. Order was received in good condition and as purchased.

  3. Davidd445

    Professional customer service from ordering to delivery. Package was neat and secure , and products were top notch. I will continue to order

  4. Davidd445

    Only place that sells guns and ammo easily and safely. I’m an amateur and have only bought 3 pistols in 10 years but all three transactions were easy from beginning to end. All three pistols sold for sell than I expected.

  5. Queensley

    Excellent service, outstanding products. I highly recommend both the seller and the merchandise!
    GREAT PRICES, fast shipping, especially when they run a free shipping special!!!

  6. Donna T

    Not only do they have a wide variety, they have deals that include mags, optics, bags, etc. All names you’re familiar with and now hassle delivery. I couldn’t be more pleased.

  7. Stanley Smith

    GREAT PRICES, fast shipping, especially when they run a free shipping special!!!

  8. Greg

    I’ve bought from you 3 times and your prices are good and your shipping time is really good. I will be buying my ammo from you!

  9. Freddy N

    Just got my order . Great people very helpful . I will be ordering again and recommending to my friends .

  10. Hagan D

    Don’t waste your time with any of the others, these guys are the best in the business. They’ve got what you need. Excellent customer service!!! Fantastic response times and a wonderful staff who know the product line up and down.

  11. Hagan D

    I have been a customer since 2019, even in these uncertain times I remain a patron. They are honest, reasonably priced, have not participated in market gouging (to the extent of competitors) and I’ve always received my order within a 2 week time frame.

  12. Loreinne clox

    Smooth easy process. Paid for my ammo selected my ffl and had it sent over.
    Very satisfied with my three purchases since the beginning of this 2021.

  13. Donovan T

    You guys are great. Great prices and great service; the best of both worlds.

  14. Graham J

    I tried them once and got hooked right away. I can can get all the calibers I use in what ever amount I need, all in one convenient stop. Very quick shipments means you never run out. I will continue to buy from them again and again. I just wished they had better deals on .22 and .22 magnums.
    They also keep you informed of new specials with email alerts, very handy. It beats the hit and miss at the store and all the searching involved, also getting ripped at the gun store that I have been going to loyalty smacks of opportunism. I will not forget about them or others that practice this when things hopefully turn around. Great experience all around.

  15. Dosanne

    Ordered Friday and received Monday. Good service. Shipping address was different from billing address, and they called to confirm before shipping. Good transaction. Would buy from again.

  16. Leonne

    I haven’t fired 10 thousand rounds of this ammo ,but I’ve fired enough to know that it is reliable ,feeds in different platforms ,and expands reliably. Shot over a chronograph it achieves the advertised velocity. There’s plenty of tests you can watch on YouTube . My own testing has convinced me that this is effective ammo , and it’s my carry ammo. Here’s pics of a round that hit a water jug.

  17. Matt B

    Fantastic service, impeccable packaging, you pay for this service, yet, all arrives perfectly. 2 days from Kentucky to NC. Shipped in hours, two orders, a third

  18. Harvey

    Every day CCW ammo. Hundreds of rounds and not one failure. if it hurts to buy it, it’s gonna be good.

  19. Trevor

    Texted Customer Support about a problem with a few cartridges. Problem resolved with in 30 minutes! Fully satisfied with customer service. Unbelievable FAST shipping!

  20. Lincoln

    This ammunition is as superior a defensive ammo that can be found! It is reliable and consistently dependable every time I test shoot it on the range—no jams or stovepipes! There are only a few manufacturer’s defensive ammunition product lines I will buy and this ammunition is one my short list! And I want to add that they routinely offers this ammunition at the price point that grabs my attention.

  21. Ozake

    This round is a perfect match for the P320. It’s clean burning propellant makes cleaning this pistol a breeze. The V-Crown bullet is accurate and expands dependably. What more can one ask of a pistol/ammunition mating?

  22. David

    I have consistently found this ammunition to always shoots reliably without any jams or misfires. It is clean shooting whether firing FMJ or JHP on a range. Whether 115 or 124 grain you will not be disappointed. The Sig Sauer name speaks quality. I use 124 grain as my defense load.

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