Federal Premium Vital-Shok Ammunition 20 Gauge 3″ 275 Grain

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Cartridge: 20 Gauge


Federal premium vital-shok ammunition 20 gauge 3 is among the most technologically advanced shotgun ammunition on the market. Hunters spend the entire year dreaming of that once-in-a-lifetime trophy, and they require ammunition that is both powerful and dependable. Federal premium vital-shok ammunition 20 gauge 3 is loaded with premium hunting slugs and matched with the highest quality powder, primers, and hulls available.

Even after the deepest federal premium vital shok ammunition and most aggressive penetration, the Trophy Copper Slug is designed to deliver devastating downrange performance with extreme accuracy and 99 percent weight retention. This ammunition has a polymer-tipped slug that increases the ballistic coefficient, reducing wind drift and increasing the slug’s effective range.

20 Gauge
50 Round
(10 Boxes of 5)
Shell Length
Shot or Slug Type
Copper Tipped Sabot Slug
Muzzle Velocity
1900 Feet Per Second
Muzzle Energy
2204 Foot Pounds
Barrel Type
Rifled or Smooth Bore
Slug Weight
275 Grains

9 reviews for Federal Premium Vital-Shok Ammunition 20 Gauge 3″ 275 Grain

  1. Patton

    Top of line slugs by Federsl ! Shot a nice buck in a shotgun only hunting srea ! Performed like a champ!

  2. Sparks

    Tried a bunch of slugs for my Savage 220 & this turned out to be the best overall. This was not the most accurate slug out of my gun – the 3″ Rem. Accutip actually gave me 1″ groups at 100 yards. The Federal and most others averaged around 2″ groups @ 100 yards. But I chose the Federal because I can actually buy it locally (can never find the Remington 3″) and the trajectory of the Federal is almost the same as most other 2 3/4″ loads that I could use in a pinch. Also, it certainly does the job on deer – taken 5 shots with these with 5 dead dear to show for it. The last one was a doe quartering towards me at a little over 100 yards. The slug went right where it was supposed in the shoulder and came out somewhere between the last rib and her hip – she made it about 30 yards & was done. And there was no way I got both lungs – that is the kind of bullet performance I want to see and further enforced my decision to use this slug

  3. Franco

    Killed two deer this season with this round. Second deer was a large buck quartering away and the shot penetrated well and the deer only went 50 yards. The bullet mushroomed and held together as represented.

  4. Bowen

    I’ve been shooting both the 2 3/4″ and the 3″ out of my Savage 220 slug gun. Rifle like groups at 50, 75,& 100 yards. I shot two deer with these slugs, a button buck at about 75 yards and a 7 point buck at around 45 yards. On both shots the deer went down within 25 yards. I pulled the slug out of the 7pointer from the opposite rib cage after going through the shoulder. Perfect expansion. This is with the 2 3/4″. The 3″ would probably hit harder. I will continue to stock up on these.

  5. Anonymous

    From my experience this slug has lots of knock-down power. Three years ago I double-lung shot a 10-point buck with an accutip round (came in a green box) that ran off like nothing happened. Luckily I found it over 200 yards away submerged in a creek. Fast forward to this year. I took a quartering away shot on a larger buck at 80 yards. I was using these Federal rounds and it was obviously a hit. The deer ran 50 yards and went down quickly. I feel like these are the better slug and will purchase them again in the future.

  6. Glenn

    Heard these shoot great out of the Savage 220 and not only did they shoot great but they also put down 9 deer this season. Here are 2 sabots that I recovered. The one on the right was an 80-yard entry thru a rib then thru the opposite shoulder. Sabot was just under the skin and that deer went 10 yards. The sabot on the left was about a 25 ft straight down shot thru the spine that ended up barely stuck in the sternum. That deer went nowhere. Very happy to say the least and the farthest I had to track a deer was maybe 50 yards(all clean shots thru the vitals). I will be buying more Federal Premium Vital-Shok Ammunition 20 Gauge 3″.

  7. Hurley

    These are the best slugs that I have shot in my 220 savage.1 hole 3 shots at 75 yards are less than a inch at 100

  8. Fuller

    I have tried various saboted slug manufacturers trying to find the best performing slug for my Savage model 220. The Federal vital shock was hands down the most consistent round. I patterned the round 3″ high at 50 yards an maintained 1-1/2″ groups out to 100 yards. Looking forward to upcoming firearm season. Confident this slug will hit the intended target

  9. Kierran

    Bought a new 2018 savage 220. Bought the green tip thinking they were the best as others have stated. But after 3 boxes and flyers, accuracy was not what I was hoping for. Then I bought these 3 federal trophy copper solids. They shot 1″ group’s out to 100y. 25-50 yards cutting holes, the sst slug out of my gun was not good.the federal TCS slugs seem to be built better than any other brands I’ve bought the bullet isn’t loose like some other brands. Ready for the GA, deer season so I can try the federal TCS slugs on white tail deer. I feel totally confident in the accuracy of this savage 220 and these slugs. As others have had good luck with the performance on deer I’m going to use this savage 220 and FEDERAL TCS SLUGS during rifel season. If you haven’t tried these yet give them a try glade I did.

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