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Buy Bond Arms Snake Slayer Iv Online

The Bond Arms Snake Slayer Iv. Longer SSIV barrels provide more complicated firing patterns, higher velocities, and even more manageable recoil than the original bond derringer Snake Slayer. The Snake Slayer IV will accept all of our standard interchangeable kegs and be equipped with our custom rosewood extended handle for added convenience. Buy PIONEER ARMS AK-47 online.

UPC 855959001567


  • Stainless steel double-barrel and frame
  • Compatible with all standard Bond Arms barrels
  • Automatically spent casing extractor
  • Patented rebounding hammer
  • Retracting firing pins
  • Cross-bolt safety
  • Spring-loaded, cammed locking lever


  1. Isaac

    Definitely for the money a terrific purchase. Great shooting high quality gun.

  2. Noah

    Definitely would recommend the purchase for the price/

  3. Kayden

    I just got my Harry’s holster Contender Bundle for the CZ P10c. It fits the firearm perfectly, right from the start. Next i put the Turbo Prop on it and it only took a minute to install. Final i put the Paddle on and that took only 5 minutes to install and adjust. This is a top notch product !!!!!!!!!!!! I well use it for the outdoor range, when i practice shooting drills. 5 Star holster !!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Nolan

    Good firearm for being used. It arrived dirty/uncleaned which was not part of the description that I saw or read.

  5. John

    I just wanted something simple for range use. This works perfectly and it’s quick on and off with the paddle.

  6. Kevin

    Everything came as advertised

  7. Bryan

    Everything came as advertised

  8. Nolan

    Great holster For my Cz shadow 2 in combination with the turbo knob and blade tech lock . The retention once the turbo knob is tight is amazing , literally can’t pull the gun out of the holster . Harry’s holster did great since there is not a lot of support for the shadow 2 holsters .

  9. Camden

    I have a SIG P227 Tactical .45, suppressor ready, and I dig it. You can reduce your recoil for better follow-up shots by adding a recoil reducer. I use DPM recoil reducers on all of my semiauto pistols, regardless of caliber. The recoil is less than that of a 9mm and accuracy is vastly improved.

  10. Nathaniel

    I have not shot this gun yet but the mechanics are very stable and sturdy. I look forward to finding out what this gun is capable of.

  11. Kayden

    Just be aware of a few things. HK, whether or not they admit it, has some soft frame issues on their newer 45’s such as the HK45 and HK45c. They are not made in Germany, have a P stamped on the side of the frame and over time and use the magazines do not drop free. Maybe that’s an issue to you, maybe not but to some it is, like me. Also the FNX is a very big pistol supporting a 15 round magazine in free states. They have had soft frame issues on this line and some of their 9mm’s too. HK and FN of USA are not the same as HK and FN of Germany and Belgium respectively.

  12. Ryder

    This is a great handgun. I’m glad the prices came down. This will be my everyday carry Love it.

  13. Aiden

    I don’t see how this gun could have passed any “rangemaster’s” inspection as a serviceable firearm. The timing is off which constitutes a danger of injury to anyone who might fire it. The overall mechanical wear (I.e. cylinder stop worn out, cylinder stop notches excessively peened, cylinder stop window peened, excessive cylinder end shake, etc.),Read more about review stating I don’t see how this is over the top. And even though one might reasonably expect cosmetic issues, anyone who clamps a cylinder extractor rod into a drill bit (and thereby chewing up the knurling) should be taken out back and beaten with a stick. I have parts and gunsmithing knowledge so I might be able to build this into a safely serviceable firearm (if the cylinder star nodes aren’t too worn), but that’s about the most I can hope for. The average Joe would be stuck. This is more of a parts kit than what can reasonably be referred to as a used gun in any sense of what I’m used to seeing. There wasn’t any warning about the HUGE (stamped – not laser etched) agency I.D. on the sideplate either. If I wanted a fixer-upper, I sure found it

  14. Gabriel

    I have not shot this gun yet but the mechanics are very stable and sturdy. I look forward to finding out what this gun is capable of.

  15. Oliver

    I bought my hellcat OSP last month and it completely changed my opinion on Springfield Armory! I was a Glock guy, carried one while on duty and one off duty and they served me well however after shooting a friend of mines Springfield Armory XD I knew right then that I need to give Springfield Armory a serious look. After reading up on Springfield Read more about review stating The best CCW EVER!!!!Armory and looking at all the reviews about different types of Springfield Armory weapons I decided to go to my local indoor range and rent a few to see how they measure up versus the Glock models I carried. And WOW, I was blown away at how they handled and how well the weapons perform no matter what Ammo I ran through them. That’s when I was introduced to the hellcat and I have been in love with that kitty kitty since!! Yes, I had to lay down my Glocks and I’m a born again Springfield Armory fan! If you want a weapon that you can trust with your life, that you will know will function no matter what and That has the capacity to stay in the fight than Springfield Armory Hellcat is the Way to go! I will never look back! Springfield Armory, I am probably your most loyal fan now!

  16. Kai

    I bought my hellcat OSP last month and it completely changed my opinion on Springfield Armory! I was a Glock guy, carried one while on duty and one off duty and they served me well however after shooting a friend of mines Springfield Armory XD I knew right then that I need to give Springfield Armory a serious look. After reading up on Springfield Read more about review stating The best CCW EVER!!!!Armory and looking at all the reviews about different types of Springfield Armory weapons I decided to go to my local indoor range and rent a few to see how they measure up versus the Glock models I carried. And WOW, I was blown away at how they handled and how well the weapons perform no matter what Ammo I ran through them. That’s when I was introduced to the hellcat and I have been in love with that kitty kitty since!! Yes, I had to lay down my Glocks and I’m a born again Springfield Armory fan! If you want a weapon that you can trust with your life, that you will know will function no matter what and That has the capacity to stay in the fight than Springfield Armory Hellcat is the Way to go! I will never look back! Springfield Armory, I am probably your most loyal fan now!

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    Crypto loans are attractive for holders who believe their crypto assets’ long-term value will increase, but need cash for purchases in the present. But crypto loans come with inherent risks, like requiring additional collateral if the value of your crypto goes down and high penalties for missed payments. After paying off the loan, you will receive your collateral within 10-15 minutes. We review the leading crypto lending platforms Interest is calculated hourly, where loans that are less than one hour will be calculated as one hour. Interest will start to accrue at the time of borrowing. Note: Interest is calculated based on the loan interest rate displayed at the time of borrowing. Interest = Borrowed amount × Hourly interest rate The interest rate offered to borrowers should be low enough to get them borrowing while high enough to earn money for the cryptocurrency lending platform and lenders.

  67. Cow

    Unlike traditional employee benefits plans, eligible expenses under a Cost Plus or Healthcare Spending Account are governed by a running list managed by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). The CRA website (see link below) lists medical marijuana as an eligible expense and does not restrict eligibility to those with certain medical conditions. So, presumably, an individual holding a medical cannabis card, who abides by the terms of the ACMPR, could run their cannabis expenses through their Cost Plus or Healthcare Spending Account. “Sun Life taking this first step is gigantic,” Loizos said. “Even if it’s a gram a day or whatever, it’s not a joke, it’s showing that a major staple in our medical community has accepted cannabis as medicine and is allowing coverage. That’s very positive.”
    Can’t make it out of the house today? Don’t worry because we deliver! You can easily buy your cannabis online for pre-order or same-day delivery from the Shop page where you can browse our vast selection of products easily on any device. After superb product advice, our top priority is to provide our customers with the most secure, reliable, and safe marijuana online dispensary shopping experience possible. Not sure what to try? You can check the staff picks for suggestions, or you can call or message us for some cannabis advice before you buy marijuana online. Different strains of cannabis offer different effects. Indica is one of three types of the cannabis plant. They are native to mountainous regions where they have adapted to the harsh, dry and turbulent climate – giving them a thick coating of trichomes. Indica’s offer relaxing body effects that may help patients ease symptoms of insomnia, chronic pain, stress and anxiety. Indica strains are known for their couch lock effect and are typically recommended for nighttime use thanks to their heavy effects.

  68. Cow

    Profit can vary, but I tell clients they may an average gross sales of $500,000 to $1 million per store. Some clients have had annualized sales closer of $7 million+, however that should be viewed as the exception – particularly as every day there is more and more saturation and competition at every corner. Note that I cannot guarantee that you will make a certain amount of money with your cannabis shop business but I will assist you to make operation go smooth. The latest data from the Ontario Cannabis Store, based on Statistics Canada data and public surveys, back up Mr. Karasiuk. It shows that 54 per cent of total cannabis sales in Ontario from July to September were made through legal cannabis channels. In 2018, the legal market generated just 5.4 per cent of total cannabis purchases.
    Recently the cannabis industry lost some of the best cannabis breeders of the modern age, both SubCool and Josey Wales. These iconic cannabis breeders made significant contributions to the cannabis industry. SubCool is the famed creator of Jack The Ripper and Josie Wales created GG4 (formerly Gorilla Glue #4). As mentioned prior, for growers looking for highly concentrated forms of cannabis, female plants are ideal. Unfertilized females, instead of reproducing, will utilize their energy to produce rich cannabinoids known as Sensimilla. These resinous buds are highly concentrated forms of cannabis, typically seen in stores. Online stores today generally cater to cannabis users nationwide, such as cannabis seeds at Zamnesia. Read More… We often get customers asking to buy seeds from us. Unfortunately, we do not sell seeds ourselves, but we highly recommend the seed store from HOMEGROWN Cannabis Co.

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  70. Anend

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  74. fag

    The Champions League fixture between Liverpool and Ajax is scheduled for a 12:30 am IST kick-off at Anfield in Liverpool, England. © 2023 WherestheMatch Ltd No changes at half-time. Liverpool kick off, attacking the Kop. There has been a lot of criticism of Fabinho for the last year but they looked even more open than usual without him. Jamie Carragher, who scored two ogs for Manchester United in 1999, is sympathetic towards Faes but the centre-half’s first touch of the second half is tentative and frankly poor. © 2023 WherestheMatch Ltd Bayern looking strong. Chelsea down bad. How the final 16 teams stack up ahead of today’s return The gap to the top four of stands at four points for Liverpool following Manchester United’s win over Wolverhampton Wanderers and The Reds will need to change their 4 match winning streak into 5 if they want to close it.
    What is Gareth Southgate’s side eased through World Cup qualification, with Kane scoring 10 in six games. He also became the first England player to score 13 goals in a single calendar year in 2021. In a busy 3pm schedule, Tottenham moved into third after a thrilling 4-3 win over Leeds and Crystal Palace failed to have a shot on target against Nottingham Forest, with Steve Cooper’s side winning 1-0. All Match time is in your local timezone(+00:00). You can also view all of this weekend’s fixtures. was established in 1999 to provide fan-based sports betting tips, previews, and betting odds for sports events being played in UK, Europe, United States, Canada and Australia. is your number one destination for real-time football scores. With a highly responsive and black themed website, this platform provides thousands of football events from all over the world. The site makes it easier for you to locate the game you are looking for by providing a live category that displays games based on the country.

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  77. vew

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    In total, North Carolina casinos have over 6,000 gaming machines and more than 200 table games. Bets in these casinos range from $0.01 to $100. Generated revenue maintains governmental operations, provides for the general welfare of our Tribe, supplies infrastructure needs, and supports economic development. With over 5,000 employees, our Casino is also a top-10 private employer in San Bernardino County. onlineSlot machines Northern Quest Resort & Casino is committed to responsible gaming. If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, please call the Washington State Problem Gambling Helpline at 800.547.6133 or Camas Path at 509.789.7630. The Hard Rock Bristol Resort and Casino is the first location to debut. It boasts the largest gaming space in the state and happens to be the closest potential Virginia casino to Tennessee.

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