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Compact, yet rugged in appearance, Grizzly is a new type of Bond Arms gun. BOND ARMS SNAKE is made with a 3 barrel chamber for 45LC / .410. Works well with smooth-lined holsters.

Bond Arms Grizzly Specifications

Manufacturer: Bond Arms
Family: Derringer Series
Model: Grizzly
Type: Specialty Pistol
Action: Single Action
Caliber / Caliber: 410 Bore | 45 foal
Finish: Beaded Polished Matte Stainless
Finish type: stainless steel
Frame: steel frame
Stock: steel frame
Cuffs: Extended rosewood cuffs
Barrel: 3.0 ″
Overall length: 5.0 ″
Sleep: 2
Sights: Fixed front / rear blade
Sight Type: Fixed Sights
Safety Features: Cross Bolt Safety
Camera: 2.5 ″
Additional Information: Includes Rough Series Holster
Manufacturer model number: BAGR-45/410
UPC: 855959002892

625 reviews for BOND ARMS GRIZZLY

  1. Matt

    Harry sent me The Contender for my Canik TP9 SFX and I couldn’t find a better OWB holster for it I even prefer it to the holster that came with it. The Optic cut is perfect and the H lock is genius. I get people asking me where I got it and really admiring the ease of use of the adjustable H Lock system. This holster is great for the range!!

  2. Patrick

    Was shipped a little dirtier than I was expecting. Otherwise all of the wear on it is cosmetic and it shoots really nicely. Trigger has a lot of take up in single action, though. I’ll have to get used to that.

  3. Edward

    Fit my SIG X5 perfectly. Retention is very good.

  4. Isaac

    Works great for sig xfive, excellent customer service, would order from again

  5. Phoenix

    Performance center falls WAY short of their advertised custom work. The round is good Smith&Wesson has fallen off the quality boat

  6. Tyler

    Just be aware of a few things. HK, whether or not they admit it, has some soft frame issues on their newer 45’s such as the HK45 and HK45c. They are not made in Germany, have a P stamped on the side of the frame and over time and use the magazines do not drop free. Maybe that’s an issue to you, maybe not but to some it is, like me. Also the FNX is a very big pistol supporting a 15 round magazine in free states. They have had soft frame issues on this line and some of their 9mm’s too. HK and FN of USA are not the same as HK and FN of Germany and Belgium respectively.

  7. Joseph

    Fit my SIG X5 perfectly. Retention is very good.

  8. Marcus

    It is a shame Sig retired the P320 45ACP. I have the compact frame which offers a great balance between beast power and concealability.

  9. Ryker

    Water rip off I ordered the gun they accepted the order and gave me an order number and then canceled the order because I said it was sold in the store is ridiculous. Now it’s back online at same price for a junk hole

  10. Luke

    I expected to get a used none perfect firearm but was not happy about the bad hand engraved marking under the cylinder joint , it was not mentioned nor showed in the photos , I was very displeased with that , it should’ve been honestly mentioned and shown

  11. Samuel

    The Glock 41 is one of the best handguns that I have ever shot. I wanted a 45 that would not only have the power but be very accurate and not a lot of flip. This is that gun and it fires every time. It comes with the case three magazines, owner’s manual, and to register the gun.

  12. Samuel

    Definitely would recommend the purchase for the price/

  13. Gabriel

    The gun is easy to carry, dependable and accurate. I really like chambered round indicator and safeties.

  14. Kaden Arabic

    Great little gun. Great price as well. Love the sights, love the grip. Very accurate despite the reviews I saw before I bought mine

  15. Michael

    I got the Hellcat last fall. Took it to the range , put 100 rounds of Luger 124 grain 9mm through it, performed very well, not one FTE-(failure to eject) which to me is very important when you need a reliable conceal carry firearm. Grips feel good, magazine capacity is great for its size 11+1, 13+1. I love this handgun.

  16. Max

    Performance center falls WAY short of their advertised custom work. The round is good Smith&Wesson has fallen off the quality boat

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