Winchester .22 Rimfire Ammunition

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2 reviews for Winchester .22 Rimfire Ammunition

  1. Armaan Ellison

    Good ammo. Works as advertised.
    I use the CMMG 22LR conversion kit in my AR-15 and have read that a copper plated bullet is cleaner than a lead-head bullet. After putting nearly 100 rounds through the barrel, I can say that it seemed like there was less residue when I cleaned the gun so I am very happy with these rounds.
    I would recommend to a friend

  2. Zoraida Swick

    Supersonic 22LR Ammo
    This is great ammo for a 22LR firearm take is suitable for supersonic Velocity ammo. Now my Ruger target from Ruger was not designed to shoot this velocity ammo. I have in stall all key parts required for supersonic velocity ammo and fires, feeds without jams. It’s not ammo when these things happen most often the gun was not designed to handle and would need converted.
    I would recommend to a friend

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