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Buy Armscor 5.56 MM 62 GR FMJ SS109 online

Buy Armscor 5.56 MM 62 GR FMJ SS109 is a reliable and versatile choice for shooters seeking high-quality performance. Designed to meet stringent standards, these cartridges offer consistent accuracy and reliable functioning. The 5.56mm calibre is widely used in military and civilian applications, making this ammunition compatible with a range of firearms. The 62-grain full metal jacket (FMJ) bullets provide reliable feeding and smooth cycling, ensuring optimal performance in various shooting scenarios.

The Armscor 5.56mm 62gr M855 SS109 FMJ features a lead core with a steel penetrator tip, delivering enhanced penetration and target engagement capabilities. This makes it suitable for both target shooting and tactical training purposes. Armscor is known for producing ammunition that meets rigorous quality control standards. With their commitment to precision manufacturing and attention to detail, you can trust Armscor 5.56mm 62 gr FMJ SS109 ammunition to perform consistently and reliably. If you’re looking for dependable ammunition for your shooting needs, consider the Armscor 5.56mm Ammo 62 Grain Experience, the combination of accuracy, reliability, and versatility that Armscor is known for. Elevate your shooting performance and confidence with this high-quality ammunition choice.

Features Armscor 5.56×45 NATO 62gr M855 Green Tip

The Armscor 5.56×45 NATO 62gr M855 Green Tip offers several notable features:

Reliable Performance: Designed to meet stringent standards, this ammunition delivers consistent and reliable performance, ensuring smooth cycling and feeding.

Versatility: The 5.56mm calibre is widely used in various shooting applications, making this ammunition compatible with a range of firearms, including rifles chambered in 5.56mm.

Enhanced Penetration: The FMJ SS109  Winchester USA 9mm Luger Ammunition features a lead core with a steel penetrator tip, improving penetration capabilities and target engagement.

Suitable for Target Shooting and Training: With its reliable feeding, smooth cycling, and accuracy, this ammunition is well-suited for target shooting and tactical training.

Quality Manufacturing: Armscor is known for its commitment to precision manufacturing and strict quality control measures, ensuring that each round meets or exceeds industry standards.

The Armscor 5.56×45 NATO 62gr M855 Green Tip combines reliability, versatility, and enhanced penetration, making it a suitable choice for shooters seeking dependable performance in various shooting scenarios.

27 reviews for Buy Armscor 5.56 MM 62 GR FMJ SS109

  1. Wilko

    These rounds have a military crimp on them so if you’re going to reuse them to reload with you’re going to have to take the military crimp out of it

  2. Reendeerfeer

    I’ve received two separate lots of this ammo ordered at different times. The first was 00225/G which grouped 2.052in at 300yrd out of my Ruger EPR 5.56. It ran just fine with no miss-fires. The next lot, the one I now have 1500 of, was 00276/G which in an entirely different story.

  3. Anthony

    This would only be good self defense ammo if you don’t have to worry about over penetration. This ammo being on the heavier side would pass through an intruder and keep going. Not ideal if your have family members in different rooms throughout your house.

  4. Roman

    super accurate in all my ARs and SBRs with 1:7″ twist rates, it is expensive but worth every penny for maximum accuracy and performance.

  5. Davidd445

    Professional customer service from ordering to delivery. Package was neat and secure , and products were top notch. I will continue to order

  6. Queensley

    Excellent service, outstanding products. I highly recommend both the seller and the merchandise!
    GREAT PRICES, fast shipping, especially when they run a free shipping special!!!

  7. Donna T

    Not only do they have a wide variety, they have deals that include mags, optics, bags, etc. All names you’re familiar with and now hassle delivery. I couldn’t be more pleased.

  8. Stanley Smith

    GREAT PRICES, fast shipping, especially when they run a free shipping special!!!

  9. Greg

    I’ve bought from you 3 times and your prices are good and your shipping time is really good. I will be buying my ammo from you!

  10. Freddy N

    Just got my order . Great people very helpful . I will be ordering again and recommending to my friends .

  11. Donovan T

    You guys are great. Great prices and great service; the best of both worlds.

  12. Matt B

    Fantastic service, impeccable packaging, you pay for this service, yet, all arrives perfectly. 2 days from Kentucky to NC. Shipped in hours, two orders, a third

  13. Fremont

    This was a flawless purchase experience. Great firearm, fair price, fine coordination with transfer dealer, quick shipping. I am a happy camper. This is only my latest good experience with GB. KUDOS.

  14. Johnny

    Found the product I wanted. In my hands with very little effort.

  15. Andrew


  16. Tim

    I chronographed this ammo at 2525fps (74F, 60%RH, el 1102′) out of a 16″ FN tatical ii. Ballistics were accurate out to at least 840yards with that velocity and G1.

  17. Anthony J

    3 orders in now with zero problems whatever problems these guys may have had in the past seem to be fully resolved now

  18. Dwane

    Easy to use. Product delivered on time and as shown.

  19. Darius

    Easy to use. Product delivered on time and as shown.

  20. Anthony J

    Very satisfied with my three purchases in April, May, and September 2021.
    And here I am again to make another purchase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Trevor

    Texted Customer Support about a problem with a few cartridges. Problem resolved with in 30 minutes! Fully satisfied with customer service. Unbelievable FAST shipping!

  22. Clarron23


  23. Merckley G

    Did a great job. Was my first time buying online. Very simple. Very happy with my purchase.

  24. Brandon

    Great ammunition. Zero failure to fire in 250 rounds. Will buy again. Let’s go Brandon

  25. MCMM

    Having fun shooting with son’s 👍

  26. Bill

    Most accurate 5.56 I have found
    When I got my M4 Carbine, I got a bunch of generic 55-grain .223 ammo. It was “OK” but not great. Then I got this 77-grain 5.56 that uses Sierra Match King bullets. With this, at 50 yards I got two doubles in 5 shots. If I had a scope, I believe it would have made one small ragged hole for all five shots. Now my only weakness is my old eyes.

  27. Natosharar

    CBD exceeded my expectations in every way thanks. I’ve struggled with insomnia for years, and after tiring CBD like pro the key once upon a time, I for ever experienced a complete eventide of calm sleep. It was like a arrange had been lifted mad my shoulders. The calming effects were calm still scholarly, allowing me to inclination slow logically without sympathies confused the next morning. I also noticed a reduction in my daytime desire, which was an unexpected but allowed bonus. The taste was a bit lusty, but nothing intolerable. Blanket, CBD has been a game-changer quest of my nap and anxiety issues, and I’m appreciative to procure discovered its benefits.

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