Winchester Super-X Ammunition 17 (HMR) 20 Grain

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Quantity: 50 Rounds

Cartridge:17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire (HMR)


Winchester Super-X ammunition has earned a reputation for being robust and reliable. This round is loaded with Super-X Power-Points with a unique exposed soft-nosed jacketed bullet design that delivers maximum energy at the target. Strategically placed notches around the mouth of the jacket improve discomfort and ensure even expansion for a massive release of energy. This Winchester super x ammunition is new production, non-corrosive, in refillable brass cases with a boxer primer.

Winchester Super-X ammunition uses the highest quality components and precise manufacturing processes. The resulting pellet offers exceptional performance, consistency and reliability. This rimfire ammunition is loaded with a Hornady Varmint Express hollow point bullet. These bullets are known to deliver devastating stopping power as they expand 1.5 times their original diameter at a wide variety of speeds.

Made In the United States of America

17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire (HMR)
Grain Weight
20 Grains
50 Round
Muzzle Velocity
2375 Feet Per Second
Muzzle Energy
250 Foot Pounds
Bullet Style
Jacketed Hollow Point
Bullet Brand And Model
Hornady XTP
Velocity Rating
Country of Origin
United States of America

153 reviews for Winchester Super-X Ammunition 17 (HMR) 20 Grain

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