Winchester Small Rifle Primers 1000 Count

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Winchester Small Rifle Primers Online

Winchester small rifle primers cartridge loading a closer look at using a small rifle primer instead of a large rifle primer where both are offered; Experiments show that size is essential, with few exceptions. Small rifle primers strengthen the box head and make the brass durable.

Many handloaders ponder the 215 is still the most popular commercial rifle primer, but CCI and Winchester Magnum rifle primers are just as hot if not a little hot. But these winchester v cci primers small rifle two extremes contain large rifle primers of almost any level of briskness.

The federal card can provide that help. With the Remington Small Rifle Primer, the 6 primer has a thin cup and is not recommended for high-pressure rounds, e.g., ordinary Rhino Revolver 50SAR . But it was intended for the .22 Hornet.

So, these non-corrosive all-weather primers provide fast and reliable ignition in any firing situation. Winchester primers are constantly and verbatim tested for consistency and sensitivity to temperature and conditions beyond everyday use. Buy Winchester USA Ready Small Pistol Match Primers Box of 1000 (10 online.

Specifications and Features

  • Low Sensitivity
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Initiator mixed for most powders
  • Easy to seat

Where are Winchester primers made?

Winchester primers are manufactured in the United States. Winchester’s main primer manufacturing plant is located in Oxford, Mississippi. This winchester small rifle primers in stock facility is known for producing a wide range of primers, including those used in rifle and pistol cartridges. Winchester maintains high-quality standards and rigorous quality control measures in winchester small rifle primers 223 manufacturing facilities to ensure the consistency and reliability of its primer products.

88 reviews for Winchester Small Rifle Primers 1000 Count

  1. Oliver

    shot two boxes of this in a springfield mod2 and a colt 1911 my dad carried in world war 2. absolutely no problems. not the cleanest i’ve shot,but not the worst,either. price was really good and service as always, excellent.

  2. Samuel

    I am starting to get concerned about a pending purchase I made online of in stock ammo. Tomorrow will be two full weeks since the order was placed. Yes I know that there was a holiday and Black Friday involved but it has been years since shipping of any in stock order has taken weeks to be shipped (not received). I will update this post when shipped and received. I really held out hope that this was going to be a smooth transaction.

  3. Riley

    Ammo per round price is decent. However, the shipping cost is kinda high and I haven’t gotten the best accuracy out of the ammo I’ve purchased. But you get what you pay for.

  4. Matt

    The price was good but the boxes were pretty smashed and 1 had opened up. The ammo was pretty rough too. There are deformations on the tips of the 5.56 rounds and heavy machine marks on the brass where the primer was inserted

  5. Robert

    Excellent, great savings alum. vrs brass, keep glock well lubed and no ejection or stovepipe issues, although don’t like shooting aluminum through other guns

  6. Luke

    I shot 250 rounds of this ammo through a Glock 19/43 and an AR9 with zero issues. Buy this if you need range ammo, you can’t beat the deal! I will definitely be purchasing more whenever I need plinking ammo.

  7. Benjamin

    I was very concerned after ordering especially after seeing some of these reviews. My card was charged right away but I NEVER received an email from them regarding acknowledgment of my order, receipt, or any kind of information regarding shipment. Despite this I did receive exactly what I ordered within 10 days and that was during the time we(I’m in Dallas, TX) were in extreme weather freeze conditions. I am not sure if I would order again simply due to the absolute lack of communication.

  8. Julian

    You need to improve your customer service. Try answering your phone and respond to customer inquiries on a timely basis. Your service is horrible!

  9. John

    Couldn’t beat the value. I researched and couldn’t find a better deal. Went thru 250 rds, performed with no problems. Ordered on a Sat, delivered Fri. I like Fed Ex better than UPS.

  10. Liam

    Quality has gone down over last year. GB used to be my Go-To, but not so much any more

  11. Gabriel

    Overall easy checkout process and glad they have enough in stock to not sell out too quickly. Keep up the good work and competitive pricing.

  12. Nathaniel

    Received my order only to find out there were only 20 rounds per box. I’ve never even seen handgun ammo in 20 round boxes. When I went to look back at the item description, to see where the misunderstanding was, I couldn’t even pull the item up in their website. When I pointed that out to their online chat agent, Shane, he made no comment on that at all.

  13. Tyler

    Not as good as it used to be. The good deals are pretty much gone. The taxes and fees, which are greater than what I pay in tax locally has changed how I look at buying guns online. A lot of prices look good until you figure in shipping, taxes and fees. We didn’t used to have to pay any fees or taxes. Unless it’s something hard to find, I now look and buy locally more often than GB.

  14. Owen

    Was told i was getting a refund because you had a system error and couldnt ship me my ammo that i was charged for. Still havent recieved my refund, no sign of it processing on my card either.

  15. Greg

    Awesome gun, picture not accurate with grip

  16. Fremont

    This was a flawless purchase experience. Great firearm, fair price, fine coordination with transfer dealer, quick shipping. I am a happy camper. This is only my latest good experience with GB. KUDOS.

  17. Johnny

    Found the product I wanted. In my hands with very little effort.

  18. Tyler

    There is no real support! You can’t pick up the phone and speak to a live person ever, only email. I have emailed them several times on different issues and can expect about a week to 10-day reply! There is currently a problem with billing and they won’t reply to settle it. I have sent 2 lengthy emails to explain the problem and have been ignored. For this, they have frozen my account!

  19. Anthony J

    3 orders in now with zero problems whatever problems these guys may have had in the past seem to be fully resolved now

  20. Kevin

    Ordered 4 boxes of ammo, had to pay $18 shipping and handling plus about an extra $9 because at that time they would only ship FedEx signed delivery. They sent my order off just fine, long story short, on the way from Georgia to Texas someone at FedEx opened package stole 3 of 4 boxes of ammo resealed it with new label. I have called ammoshop three times, sent two emails with no response. I really only wanted to see if they could help me proceed in filing a claim with FedEx. Have not gotten any response what so ever. uh I know the package had all ammo when it left their warehouse, you can tell by the weight, 8.5 lbs, so the delivery and missing items goes to FedEx, only two stars though for Ammoshop due to zero response through customer service and expensive shipping and charging extra now for a signed delivery, Which obviously does nothing to guarantee your order won’t get stolen.

  21. Trekis Nilman

    They are top of the line

  22. Dwane

    Easy to use. Product delivered on time and as shown.

  23. Darius

    Easy to use. Product delivered on time and as shown.

  24. Phoenix

    Lost shipment (UPS/Post Office Sure delivery). Package lost; up to me now to wait 15 days (per Midway rep I finally reached via email) for them to trace my stuff.

  25. Stephen

    This company will hold your order as hostage even it’s their mistake. I ordered ammo and they send me a different order. They put the burden on me to send it back through FedEx, been to several Fedex offices but doesn’t accept ammo drop off.

  26. Anthony J

    Very satisfied with my three purchases in April, May, and September 2021.
    And here I am again to make another purchase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Jackson

    The ammo is good and the prices are decent. The processing and shipping times used to be pretty good, but recently this has become an issue. It is looking like recent orders could take up to 3 weeks to process. I get that a huge influx of orders can cause but I look at it like this: If my payment was delayed by up to 3 weeks and all I could offer was, “Please bear with me, I have purchased so many things recently that I need time to get my finances in order to pay you. I am working very hard (even on Saturdays) to get it in line so you will eventually get paid. I appreciate your patience.”, how would that go over?

  28. Luccio

    This company will hold your order as hostage even it’s their mistake. I ordered ammo and they send me a different order. They put the burden on me to send it back through FedEx, been to several Fedex offices but doesn’t accept ammo drop off.

  29. Matthew

    Good product but packing was horrible. Of ten boxes six were busted open, two of which were completely emptied and loose

  30. Sharkes Bia

    I really like this Winchester Small Rifle Primers 1000 Count. Some times with floating firing pins you can get light primer hits. I feel like the cup in the Winchester is a little softer so problem is reduced.

  31. Luccio

    Great ammo, fast shipping and reasonable price

  32. Smith

    great service. I was looking for a particular caliber I was having trouble locating. They had my caliber at comparatively a good price. When I ordered just befor Christmas , they said they would be taking time off over Christmas & they would ship as soon as they came back. [ being upfront was a good touch. I’ve never yet used their products so I cant speak to quality but visually every thing looks great & yes , I received my order in a timely manner.

  33. Nathaniel

    Wonderful price, fastest shipment and the ammo is great. I will purchase again.

  34. Michael

    I received an online coupon and thought I would give it a try. I haven’t been buying any ammo due to the current price increase situation, but after looking at the prices with the coupon and getting free shipping, it twisted my arm enough to buy some. I’m glad I did! They processed and shipped my order the next day! It took 4 days to get from Georgia to Texas. Not too bad. The ammo was packaged nicely for shipping which was a plus. The Norma factory boxes and cartridge holders show how much quality they put into their ammo! After this first experience, I placed another order. I’ll definitely be back for more!

  35. Clarron23


  36. Merckley G

    Did a great job. Was my first time buying online. Very simple. Very happy with my purchase.

  37. Smith

    They have easy shopping and great deals. We order all our ammunition from them. And deliver is fast and on time.

  38. Camden

    Ordered ammo a couple different times from them and it got there pretty quick. Very happy with my purchases! Been using Norma for many years now very pleased with the performance!

  39. Joseph

    Quick turnaround time. Got me exactly what I wanted for a fair price. Definitely putting my ammo orders in through them again.

  40. Robert

    Excellent, great savings alum. vrs brass, keep glock well lubed and no ejection or stovepipe issues, although don’t like shooting aluminum through other guns

  41. Kevin

    I got a 1000 rounds of this to put through my 1911, and it loved it. I burned though 800 rounds in 2 weeks without a single malfunction, so I ordered more. It isn’t the cleanest, but its reliable, and hits well.. So I got a bunch more to get me through California’s new ammo laws.. and as soon as California fixes these silly new laws I will buy more.

  42. Isaac

    It has not failed to feed once out of 430 rounds shot so far. (I bought 1000) This was my first time using this site and it won’t be the last! Thanx guys!

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