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Tactacam Fish-i is a compact camera package designed specifically for anglers who film their fishing experience. tactical camera is one of the most versatile compact cameras on the market, thanks to its waterproof, replaceable lens system. Buy TACTACAM Reveal X Cellular Trail Camera online.

tactacam, a compact camera package designed specifically for anglers, offers the perfect compact camera package to film their experience. When you’re done recording with your Tactical camera, press the “power/record” button again to save your catch, and then start over! That’s right; it’s that easy! 

Key Features and Specifications 

  1. Compact and lightweight underwater fishing camera.
  2. High-definition video recording capability for capturing underwater action.
  3. Waterproof design for submersion in water up to a specified depth.
  4. Wide-angle lens for capturing expansive underwater views.
  5. Built-in Wi-Fi for seamless connectivity, winchester long beard xr 12 gauge 3.5 inches  and footage sharing.
  6. Long battery life for extended recording sessions.
  7. Durable construction to withstand harsh underwater environments.
  8. Easy-to-use interface for intuitive operation.
  9. Adjustable settings for customized recording preferences.
  10. Mounting options for versatile placement on fishing gear.
  11. Instant playback for a quick review of recorded footage.
  12. High-resolution image sensor for crisp and clear video quality.
  13. Built-in microphone for capturing underwater sounds.
  14. LED lights for improved visibility in low-light conditions.
  15. Fish attractant feature to draw in fish for enhanced footage.
  16. Motion detection feature for triggered recording.
  17. Live streaming capability for real-time sharing with friends and family.
  18. GPS tagging for location tracking of recorded fishing spots.
  19. Compatible with various accessories for enhanced functionality.
  20. Firmware updates for ongoing performance enhancements and feature additions.

The Tactacam Fish-i provides anglers with a comprehensive solution for capturing exciting underwater fishing moments with ease and convenience.


9 reviews for TACTACAM Fish-I Package

  1. Philemon star

    Great camera, easy to use with great quality photos The image quality is very similar to my Browning Patriot (I “think” the Patriot may have a slight advantage) One noticeable advantage to this camera is the swivel on the back

  2. John Boy

    I’ve used about every brand of tactacam there is and this by far has been the best. Quick trigger speed, great quality pics and videos, and long battery life. The dual lens eliminates the noise of having to switch from day to night and vice versa.

  3. MJ

    I have owned this camera for a month. This camera generates good photos of still images during the day. I would give a c grade for moving (object is moving walking/running, not video) day images. Night pictures, both still and moving (object is moving walking/running, not video), are a blurry and grainy. I purchased this camera because of the extremely quick trigger, recovery times and the black IR. Unfortunately, these aspects alone do not lead to better quality pictures of moving objects. I am comparing this camera with 2 other other Reconyx cameras I own with low visibility IR. I don’t think the “black IR” technology is there yet and needs improvement. My next step is to contact the manufacturer to see if there may be something wrong with the camera.

  4. gee

    This unit takes good pics and videos during daylight. Night time pics are ok and videos are ok with a little grainy. Overall this camera and my strike force are the best I’ve used to date. Reason for 4 stars is everything can be improved upon.

  5. Simon

    I have a couple 100$ Browning cameras and decided to try one of their fancier ones… the image quality is “better” but I can’t decide if the slightly better image justifies the 2X price. If I was on a budget I’d probably get 2 of the cheaper ones.

    (I’ve since decided to buy a Strike Force Pro Xd and see if I can get the same image while saving 30$)
    Good image
    Best Used for:
    Taking photos

  6. Brett

    This charging mechanism is great. It has been nice to keep the batteries topped off rather than running out 3 hours to our hunting location to replace batteries. This allows us to really extend our scouting season without the investment of so much energy

  7. Nick

    I recently ordered two of these and they are GREAT !! I will buy a few more before hunting season. These cameras have an integral 2 inch viewing screen .This allows viewing immediately in the field.

  8. Tim

    I have these in use now working great so far I paired these with recharging batteries My setup cost about 100$ Working great The batteries power falls to about 60-70 percent and by lunchtime it is at 90 percent again It never gets over 90

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