Remington CORE-LOKT, .270 Winchester, PSP, 130 Grain, 20 Rounds

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Remington core lokt 270 Win. 150-grain centerfire rifle ammunition. The bullet remains intact on impact, expands in a controlled manner, and approximately doubles the diameter of the core lokt 270 uniformly. The tapered copper jacket is locked into a solid lead core and provides controlled expansion and high-weight retention. Buy Underwood Ammunition 7.62x39mm 123 Grain Lehigh online.
270 core lokt product features – deserves a reputation. They believe that 270 130 grain core lokt their body lokt 270 dams. Core-folk bull for more than six decades, it has been run by the Centerfire Deer Ammunition. And so he deserves it.

Features and Benefits
  • 130 grains
  • 2,710 fps muzzle velocity
  • Progressively tapered 270 130 grain core lokt to a solid lead core delivers controlled expansion and high weight retention
  • Pointed soft point design features a sleek nose profile for a high ballistic coefficient and a flat trajectory at long ranges
  • .270 Win. caliber
  • High retained downrange energy and controlled expansion on impact for great results with medium to heavy game
  • 20-round box
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Heavy jacket midsection locks the lead core and jacket together and stops expansion at the optimum point to maximize energy transfer
  • 1,875 ft.-lb. muzzle energy

9 reviews for Remington CORE-LOKT, .270 Winchester, PSP, 130 Grain, 20 Rounds

  1. Marttha

    This load has great groups when out of my Ruger M77, I almost lost two mule deer because the bullet did not hold together. On one that I recovered it only went 4 inches past the rib where it entered. I think it shoots too fast for the old Core-Lokt.

  2. Jason

    I shot this out of my A bolt with very BIG groups. Have not shot any deer with it, but refuse to take it in the woods due to my findings at range. I have shot Rem bullets all my life, and have always had great results. Not this time!

  3. Donovan T

    Shoots sub moa groups consistently from my Savage Have killed three deer with three bullets, all died instantly, with bullet exiting.

  4. Bill

    Just recently shot this round out of my REM CDL SF, and they grouped very well. I would recommend this round.

  5. Andrew

    Used this cartridge on several whitetails, with several rifles, Win M-70, Ruger 77 MKII, and Rem 700 all in the 270 short mag. All shot it well, bullet always exited. You get less meat damage with this bullet than with a ballistic tip. Very good in close range woods hunting situations. Killed them all dead. Would give it a 5 but it’s not a boat tail.

  6. Rider

    Got this ammo with a Rem Mod Seven whitetail I bought. Took it to the range to start a breakin period and first 3 shots were all touching. Let the barrel cool and switched over to some 140 gr accu bonds,the were still good but not touching holes for the groups I shot with them. Had a steel plate at 300 yds, so went back to the core lockts and smaked it 3 out of 3 times.Would give it 5 stars but need to take some game first to see how they hold together.

  7. John

    I bought 3 boxes to break in my Savage Model 12 due to the price two years ago. I ended up shooting tighter groups at 100 yds then the higher priced win loads. I have not used for hunting yet though. 3 shot 1/2 to 3/4 in. Groups off the bench were common.

  8. Charles

    This ammo shoots very well from my Remington model 7 whitetail. I had tried several premium ammo loads (tsx, accu-bond, xp3, power max) from several manufacturers. I even tried custom orders and handloads. As far as accuracy from my rifle, this ammo outperformed them all easily. The only ammo out of the bunch that grouped consistently well.

  9. Jim

    I have killed 6 deer with this bullet in 270 WSM and it has performed great. All 6 died very quickly and the furthest went 30 yards. It also groups very well at the range out of my Rem 700. 5 shot group out of the lead sled; all 5 holes can be covered with a quarter.

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