Precision One 45 Auto Ammunition 230 Grain Full Metal Jacket CASE 1000 Rounds

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Precision One 45 Auto Ammunition 230 Grain For Sale

Precision One 45 Auto Ammunition, boasting a 230-grain projectile, exemplifies top-tier craftsmanship and performance. Renowned for its precision and reliability, this ammunition is a staple choice among shooters seeking optimal results. The 230-grain bullet, carefully engineered for consistency, delivers exceptional accuracy, ensuring that each shot hits the mark with unwavering precision. Whether employed for self-defence, target shooting, or competitive endeavours, Precision One 45 Auto Ammunition excels in various applications. Atomic Hunting Ammunition 223 Remington  Its versatility allows shooters to tackle a wide range of scenarios with confidence, knowing that their ammunition will perform flawlessly.One of the standout features of this ammunition is its consistency. Each round is meticulously manufactured to stringent standards, ensuring uniformity in weight, shape, and performance. This consistency translates to predictable trajectories and reliable terminal ballistics, essential factors for any shooter striving for excellence.

Moreover, the 230-grain projectile offers optimal balance between penetration and expansion, making it suitable for both self-defense and target shooting purposes. Whether faced with soft targets or hardened barriers, Precision One 45 Auto Ammunition delivers consistent and effective terminal performance.Furthermore, shooters can trust the reliability of Precision One ammunition, as it undergoes rigorous quality control measures to ensure flawless function in a variety of firearms. This reliability instills confidence in shooters, allowing them to focus on their marksmanship skills without worrying about ammunition-related issues. pmc 380 auto ammunition In addition to its performance attributes, Precision One 45 Auto Ammunition is readily accessible, making it a convenient choice for shooters of all levels. Whether purchased online or from a local retailer, shooters can easily acquire this premium-grade ammunition to fuel their shooting endeavors.

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74 reviews for Precision One 45 Auto Ammunition 230 Grain Full Metal Jacket CASE 1000 Rounds

  1. Tony

    Monday and was received and in my hands before the following weekend. This will always be my first shop stop.

  2. Joseph

    The first time I ordered through NS it was shipped the next day and I received all the ammo. The last couple of orders have went into a hold for three or four days before being confirmed for shipping. On my order from the 11th I am still missing 5 boxes of .308 and 10 boxes of .556. Make sure to verify your order. The last two orders i made sat on hold for three days so hoping it all ships out and I still receive the other ammo that is missing. Maybe they just bit off more than they can chew with the Black Friday deals and can’t process the orders quickly. But they say all ammo for sale is in stock so Still hoping the rest of my ammo shows up soon.

  3. Michael

    Ammo prices were decent, plus free shipping. Ordered knowing they said it would take 10 days to ship. It was 3 weeks and I emailed them and received a reply that ammo was being shipped. Shortly thereafter I received a tracking number. Upon receiving my ammo the picture showed in a wooden crate and sealed metal can inside. I received a beaten up box that was highly taped. Opened the box and all of the boxes inside were crushed, broken, and ammo everywhere. When I inquired about the bait and switch I was told I paid for the ammo not the crate, or metal box.

  4. Samuel

    I found exactly what I was looking for, and it gave me several options to go with. It was my first time using this website and I really really really really really recommend it!!

  5. Richard

    I ordered 9mm Norma and it arrived as expected in a week. Although their initial auto-email conformation was worded poorly and misleadingly, the order came out OK. It pays to be patient with them because their communication messages are not very assuring. The package was well done and wrapped in “Tamper Detection” tape, which is god for preventing shipping breaches. If simply measured by my shipment results they deserve a good rating.

  6. Owen

    New ammo for turkey hunting . Delivered on time.

  7. Liam

    Sorry for the late Review, but was out of town for over a month. Finding “In-Stock” ammo, then Ordering and having it on the door step within a week was outstanding (for this day and age). Haven’t shot your ammo, yet. That’s when you’ll get the the real review. This review is only talking about finding “In-Stock” ammo, ordering it, and receiving it in a timely manner. Can’t find ammo??? Find what you need here

  8. William

    Just be careful when ordering, read what ever description they have. Bait and switch. Order Not Shipped 1 Month After Placing It *Updated* I placed an order on 20 Aug understanding that Steel City had increased their lead times to 10 business days (info from their website). Only problem is it is now 20 Sep and I still have not received my order. Between then and now I’ve attempted to contact them through email, phone, and text but received no response at all. Order status says “Processing” on their website. If they’re still waiting on a shipment of ammo to be able to fulfill my order, then cool, I get it. Unfortunately I can’t actually get any update because it’s impossible to get in contact with anyone over there. If they ever do contact me I’ll try and update this review but right now I’m contemplating if I should call my bank and claim fraud for the charge on this order. *Update: I was finally able get in contact with the company via Facebook and they shipped out my order the next business day. It arrived 3 days later. Apparently there was a safety recall of the ammo I originally ordered (ZSR) so they substituted a different brand (Wolf) with my approval. Upgrading to 4 stars since they took care of me, but can’t swing 5 due to the difficulty in getting in contact with the company.

  9. Phoenix

    Great buying experience! Good price, fast shipping and the ammo looks good. I have only shot 50 rounds but I didn’t have any issues in those 50.

  10. Camden

    Shipping took a little longer than I expected but other than that, order was complete and well packaged. Completely satisfied with the quality of the product and was very pleased

  11. Edward

    The price was good but the boxes were pretty smashed and 1 had opened up. The ammo was pretty rough too. There are deformations on the tips of the 5.56 rounds and heavy machine marks on the brass where the primer was inserted

  12. Bryan

    I ordered 20 boxes of two different types of 124 gr fmj 9mm. The shipment was well protected in a double thick box. I appreciate the free shipping too. The 5 boxes of Envy were made in Hungary and per the box ballistics were based on a 17″ carbine. The 15 boxes of Range & Training were made in Switzerland and per the box ballistics were based on a 6″ barrel. The small 50rd boxes pack well in ammo cans for storage. The bullets did not attract a magnet. Looking forward to a range visit!

  13. Paul

    Great price for the Times we’re living in. Best part, shipped right to my front door

  14. Abraham

    They provide a good platform to search for ammunitions. Purchasing is also easy.

  15. Ryder

    The product was delivered in a timely fashion. I spend time on a range quite frequently. The ammo shot wonderfully in my VP9SK. Thank you

  16. Abraham

    Great experience. Process was intuitive and every stage of the transactions was as advertised.

  17. Daniel

    The product was poorly packaged. 3 of the boxes were tore open and un usable. I had to transfer to plastic reloading boxes. I did send an email but got no response

  18. Luccio

    Placed an offer and NEVER received a response. So much for “Within 24 hours” reply.

  19. Dylan

    I got a great deal on a Dickinson shotgun,and it was delivered to my local shop in a few days.Very good experience all in all.

  20. Stephen

    My first time purchase and totally satisfied.

  21. Smith

    Have shot a lot of S&B in various calibers with no problem. Great ammo. They provides great value and quick service!

  22. Kai

    You need to improve your customer service. Try answering your phone and respond to customer inquiries on a timely basis. Your service is horrible!

  23. Nathan

    Fast shipping & product was as described. Very satisfied!

  24. Henry

    I didn’t receive one box of ammo I order. I emailed the company with no response. This is my first poor transaction with them.