Nexxus Infinity Fletched Arrows (6 Pack)




  • Premium small diameter arrows built for strength, accuracy downrange, and lethality
  • Micro Diameter .166/4.2mm ID Shaft For Increased Penetration
  • Includes 50-grain interlocking Aluminum Defender Outsert System For Maximum Durability
  • Dual locking threads ensure precision alignment between your arrow, outsert, and broadhead for maximum accuracy and strength
  • Accepts standard 8-32 thread pitch points or broadheads
  • Spine specific sleeve fits the OD of the Infinity arrow shaft for precision fit
  • Optional 75-grain Titanium Defender Outserts are available separately
  • Less Wind Resistance Than SD arrows For Improved Accuracy
  • Pre Fletched – 2″ Rapt X Vanes With 2 Degree Helical For Maximum Accuracy
  • Straightness +- 0.003″
  • Length 33″
  • Weight: 400 spine 8.05 gpi | 350 spine 8.87 gpi | 300 spine 10 gpi | 250 spine 11.1 gpi
  • Sold in a 6 pack


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