Kent Fasteel 2.0 Precision Steel Waterfowl Ammunition 12 Gauge Non-Toxic Steel Shot

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Kent Fasteel 2.0 precision steel waterfowl ammunition For Sale

Kent Fasteel 2.0 Precision Steel Waterfowl Ammunition represents a breakthrough in ammunition technology, specifically designed for waterfowl hunting enthusiasts. Crafted with the same precision and durability as kent shotgun shells 20 gauge, this specialized ammunition offers unmatched performance in wet and harsh environments. With superior patterning and consistent shot velocity, kent fast steel plus ensures reliable kills and optimal results, even in adverse weather conditions. Its high-quality steel construction delivers maximum penetration and energy transfer, making it the ideal choice for waterfowl hunters who demand nothing but the best. Whether you’re targeting ducks, geese, sig sauer m17 9mm 124 grain fmj elite 50  or other waterfowl species, kent steel 12 gauge Waterfowl Ammunition delivers unparalleled accuracy and effectiveness with every shot. Trust kent fast steel  to elevate your hunting experience to new heights, ensuring success and satisfaction in every outing. Upgrade to Kent Fasteel 2.0 Precision Steel Waterfowl Ammunition and experience the difference that precision engineering and quality craftsmanship can make in your hunting endeavours. With kent fast steel 2.0, you’ll always strive for perfection in performance and reliability.

  Key Features 

  1. Specialized Design: Specifically crafted for waterfowl hunting.
  2. Precision Engineering: Ensures accurate shot placement.
  3. Durable Construction: Withstands wet and harsh conditions.
  4. Consistent Performance: Maintains shot velocity and pattern integrity.
  5. Enhanced Penetration: Maximizes effectiveness against waterfowl.
  6. Optimal Energy Transfer: Ensures quick and humane kills.
  7. High-Quality Steel: Utilizes premium-grade materials for reliability.
  8. Weather-Resistant: Performs reliably in adverse weather conditions.
  9. Improved Patterning: Delivers tight and consistent shot spreads.
  10. Reduced Recoil: Enhances shooter comfort and  Kent Cartridge Upland Fasteel control.
  11. Versatile Load Options: Available in various shot sizes and loads.
  12. Tested Performance: Rigorously tested for consistent results.
  13. Trusted Brand: From the makers of kent ammo.
  14. Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of shotgun models.
  15. Industry-Leading Warranty: Backed by a satisfaction guarantee for peace of mind.


12 Gauge
25 Round
Zinc Plated Steel
1550 Feet Per Second
Smooth Bore
1-3/8 Ounce
6-Point Star
United States of America

21 reviews for Kent Fasteel 2.0 Precision Steel Waterfowl Ammunition 12 Gauge Non-Toxic Steel Shot

  1. Roland

    Easy first time purchase. Mine was a “buy now”. Easy to find FFL holders in my area. I’ll do it again for sure.

  2. Jules F

    Had item in stock. A bit of delay in shipping but was proactive in letting me know.

  3. Kent

    Everything worked as it should and was very efficient.
    The process was seamless, thanks!

  4. Michael B

    No issues, a smooth process to find your dream firearm or firearms.
    Great source for good deals and numerous options provided

  5. Fernando

    No hassles & the merchandise arrived at my FFL in 2 days. Everything went perfectly. Not my first purchase & surely not my last. 5 stars.

  6. Vanghuh

    My purchase was delivered quickly and was exactly as advertised. No hidden fees

  7. Randal

    Very Good experience until the very end. What would have normally been another Christmas was now laborious and required punitive waiting periods per recent legislation in Washington State. The punitive wait process cannot even begin until until the applicant is forcibly required to relinquish any right to privacy they had previously enjoyed. Washington State’s Governor signed these clear infringements into law even while publicly admitting the laws would likely have no effect on use of firearms in committing violent crimes.

  8. David D

    This review follows a purchase that went through without a problem and the item was shipped quickly and securely.

  9. Carlson

    Glad that I found this site. There are becoming more and more items these days that are just too hard to find. I’ve recently found a few sights that can help me get these items for both myself and friends and family. Thanks

  10. Edwin

    Couldn’t have been an easier transaction!! The price was fair & the shipping was very quick!!

  11. Harris

    Really recommend this website!!!

  12. Fergusson

    My experiences have all been positive. Easy to communicate with the seller and easy to leave feedback
    The Amazon of Firearms and supplies

  13. Mark

    My first time ever buy from your site. I placed my order on March 7,2022 from a gun dealer in Texas. I was given a tracking number and was told it would be delivered to my FFL here in Florida on the March 10th(which I thought was a pretty good turn around) it actually arrived on the 9th! All around, it was a great experience! I would definitely recommend you folks to anyone who listens! And I am definitely buying my next firearm again from y’all!

  14. Jeremy

    I felt like I just “Primed” a gun. God bless America. God bless

  15. Kevin Howart

    I found exactly what I was looking for, and it gave me several options to go with. It was my first time using this website and I really really really really really recommend it!!

  16. Calvin

    Really recommend this website!!!

  17. Garry Garrison

    Easy to use. Product delivered on time and as shown.

  18. Edward Johnson

    I easily found what I needed, placed the order, and it arrived at my selected FFL in short order. Quick, easy, and trouble free. And with it being my first purchase that is very impressive. Great site.

  19. Marcello

    This is an excellent place for all of your firearm needs. Play your cards right and you can end up with some sweet deals.

  20. George

    I have consistently received excellent service from the individuals listing on the website and I really appreciate how quickly the info gets processed and managed. Count me in as a big fan!!
    Great response time.. I enjoy the ease of use and the excellent service
    My order came on time all what I order I wanted to order more but it was my first time ordering kind of nervous about a big order everything was ok so I will order more I have a list, so see you soon
    I’m new but have found this to be an excellent way to our purchase a hard to find firearm
    Thank you for providing a trustworthy platform for excellent firearms.
    Website was easy to use. Check out process was easy to understand. Great way to purchase a gun.
    I have used the site before and felt comfortable that the sellers were trustworthy businesses. Items were promptly shipped and in advertised condition
    My first time purchase and totally satisfied.
    Fast service, great site, very easy to work with!
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  21. zoritoler imol

    I regard something truly interesting about your website so I saved to bookmarks.

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