Kent Cartridge Upland Fasteel Precison Steel Upland Ammunition


Quantity: 25 Rounds
Cartridge: 20 Gauge


Upland Fasteel Precision Steel Upland Ammunition For Sale

Upland Fasteel Precision Steel Upland Ammunition online. In 1996, as a small group of athletes discussing the future of shotguns, Kent Cartridge is now an international cartridge company. In 1997, Kent purchased the Active Cartridge factory in Kearneysville, West Virginia. It gave Kent a foundation for operations in the center of the wild and wonderful West Virginia. 

In 1998, Kent Cartridge Upland Fasteel Precision expanded to Europe with the acquisition of Gambro Cartridge Company in Hull, England. The Kent-Gambor Corporation was then formed and operated in North America and worldwide. The goal was simple, to create a non-toxic shell that would match and possibly exceed the performance of high-quality lead waterfowl charges. Buy Kent Cartridge Upland Fasteel Precison Steel Upland Ammunitio online.

So, constantly evolving and leading with proven performance and innovation, Kent products set the benchmark. But it all adds up to how your day ends. Whether you hunt in the open plains of the United States, Europe, or Great Britain, birds are pheasant, grouse, or woodcock. Kent’s Upland product range has superior performance. What they have to do – hunting in the highlands is a demanding and challenging experience. With version and the venerable “Drop Dead” sequel Upland Fasteel, a day in the field means a bird in the hand. Our other product is HORNADY H83177 17 MACH 2 HM2 500RDS for sale online.


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