Gold Medal Magnum Large Rifle Match Primer #GM215M (1000 Count)

(284 customer reviews)



Gold Medal Magnum Large Rifle Match Primer For Sale 

Gold Medal Magnum Large Rifle Match Primer uses the same high-quality primers that have made them the preferred choice of match shooters and hunters worldwide. Gold Medal Magnum Large Rifle Match Primer is made to exact tolerances and uses an exclusive essential lead styphnate priming mix, ensuring optimal primer ignition. Buy Magnum Large Rifle Primer #215 (1000 Count) online.


  • Precision and consistency are unrivalled in the industry
  • Ignition consistency
  • Tolerances are incredibly tight.

Product Information

  • Quantity
  • 1000 Piece
  • Primer Size
  • Large Rifle
  • Delivery Information
  • Shipping Weight 1.755 Pounds
  • DOT-Regulated Yes
  • Carrier Restrictions
  • Cannot ship via air
  • Cannot ship via USPS
  • Cannot ship to PO Box
  • Must ship to the Contiguous US
  • HazMat Product Yes


Thegold medal magnum large rifle match primer in stock offers several key benefits that cater specifically to the needs of competitive shooters and precision sharpshooters. One of its primary advantages lies in its precision ignition capabilities. Engineered with meticulous attention to detail, this primer ensures consistent and reliable ignition in magnum rifle cartridges, which is crucial for achieving tight shot groups and consistent accuracy on the range or in competition.
Furthermore, the \boasts uniform sensitivity, meaning each primer in a batch exhibits consistent performance across a variety of shooting conditions. This uniformity translates into predictable and repeatable results, giving shooters confidence in their ammunition’s reliability during crucial moments. Match-grade performance is another standout benefit of this primer. Designed to meet the demanding requirements of competitive shooting,  federal american eagle competition ammo brass 9mm it delivers the level of precision and consistency necessary to excel in high-stakes competitions.

Shooters can trust the  to perform flawlessly, shot after shot, enhancing their chances of success on the range. Additionally, the primer offers enhanced consistency, minimizing variance in ignition energy. This feature contributes to tighter shot groups and improved accuracy, helping shooters achieve their desired results with greater precision. Moreover, the primer’s clean ignition properties ensure minimal residue buildup, maintaining firearm performance and reducing the need for frequent cleaning and maintenance. Overall, the Gold Medal Magnum Large Rifle Match Primer provides shooters with a reliable, high-performance option for their competitive shooting endeavours. With its precision engineering, uniform sensitivity, and match-grade performance, this primer is a valuable asset for anyone serious about achieving excellence in marksmanship competitions.

284 reviews for Gold Medal Magnum Large Rifle Match Primer #GM215M (1000 Count)

  1. Charles

    They would not expedite the shipping so it took longer time to ship back to them and more time to ship back to me.They told me that the GM did not want to pay for it. When i called to let them know it’s the wrong gun it took 5 phone calls and two emails to get any respond.

  2. Michael

    Shipping was rather slow I’m on the east coast and it took 8 business days not counting thanksgiving or Black Friday I ordered on 11/22 and received on 12/3 product was fine and was what I expected

  3. Ryder

    Web site is polished and neat but…

  4. Paul

    Awesome gun, picture not accurate with grip

  5. Julian

    Shipping was rather slow I’m on the east coast and it took 8 business days not counting thanksgiving or Black Friday I ordered on 11/22 and received on 12/3 product was fine and was what I expected

  6. Daniel

    Good Ammunition. Shipping could be faster.

  7. Logan

    Sales tax on used firearms (how many times over the years has tax been collected on used Ruger 10-22s?), plus ridiculously bloated shipping charges,far over and above actual costs have taken the fun, at least for me

  8. Nolan

    I got a great deal on a Dickinson shotgun,and it was delivered to my local shop in a few days.Very good experience all in all.

  9. Nicholas

    Good place to find for the products that are available but out of stock else where. There are some sellers price gouging on some reloading components. Reason why gave them three stars is some of there sellers are charging to much for shipping compared to regular suppliers.

  10. Mateo

    Ammo arrived in an appropriate sized box for the amount purchased. My three ammo boxes were plastic wrapped together which I. Sure helped with shipping, however, no paper or bubble insert. A corner of one of the ammo boxes was crushed… thankfully ammo was intact an still safe to use.

  11. Dominic

    very smooth transaction, two differant email addresses caused a little concern , but all was good.

  12. Kaden Arabic

    the gun was poorly cared for by the seller. I doubt that I would buy another gun, unless the gun was actually at their location, were they could vouch for it’s condition.

  13. Owen

    The website did not recognize my logon credentials. I had to create a new account and I used the same exact user name, password, and email address from my previous account – which was just created a few weeks ago – and it let me. My order history is now missing from my previous account. That being said, I find the products I have purchased to be of top quality. I would like to see 5.56mm available in a configuration other than steel penetrator – which most gun ranges do not allow.

  14. Edward

    The gun I bought was easy to do and fairly priced. Delivery of the Henry 44 magnum was timely and arrived in good shape. Your notification emails were most appreciated.

  15. Anthony

    the gun was poorly cared for by the seller. I doubt that I would buy another gun, unless the gun was actually at their location, were they could vouch for it’s condition.

  16. Steve

    No support or customer service, just really late emails!

  17. Samuel

    Don’t like their little tactic they use to get a few extra bucks out of you at check out when they say “lost your cash discount” because you used a credit card. AND THERE IS NO OTHER OPTION TO USE BUT A CREDIT CARD!!! BULL CRAP!!!

  18. Matt

    Just be careful when ordering, read what ever description they have. Bait and switch. Order Not Shipped 1 Month After Placing It *Updated* I placed an order on 20 Aug understanding that Steel City had increased their lead times to 10 business days (info from their website). Only problem is it is now 20 Sep and I still have not received my order. Between then and now I’ve attempted to contact them through email, phone, and text but received no response at all. Order status says “Processing” on their website. If they’re still waiting on a shipment of ammo to be able to fulfill my order, then cool, I get it. Unfortunately I can’t actually get any update because it’s impossible to get in contact with anyone over there. If they ever do contact me I’ll try and update this review but right now I’m contemplating if I should call my bank and claim fraud for the charge on this order. *Update: I was finally able get in contact with the company via Facebook and they shipped out my order the next business day. It arrived 3 days later. Apparently there was a safety recall of the ammo I originally ordered (ZSR) so they substituted a different brand (Wolf) with my approval. Upgrading to 4 stars since they took care of me, but can’t swing 5 due to the difficulty in getting in contact with the company.

  19. Dominic

    I’ve never had a package arrive so beat up. Although the ammo does not appear to be damaged, the individual boxes the ammo came in and the larger shipping box were in really, really bad shape when they arrived via FedEx.

  20. Tyler

    I got a great deal on a Dickinson shotgun,and it was delivered to my local shop in a few days.Very good experience all in all.

  21. Henry

    Need to improve the Escrow payment method to either link to GunTab

  22. Jack

    Fulfilled order mostly. I requested alteration to order several days before shipping. Several more attempts at communication made. Did not reply to any communication.

  23. Stephen

    Need to improve the Escrow payment method to either link to GunTab

  24. Richard

    Shipping took over a week. There was no shipment tracking provided.

  25. Noah

    I ordered 9mm ball in both the 115 and 124 grain. The 124 gets 5 stars, but the 115 gets 3 stars as the loads were not consistent and many times so low powered that our pistols wouldn’t even cycle. Not sure if we just got a bad lot, but previous lots of 115 were also great. Overall, I’d order again because the price was right!

  26. Brenda Asai

    Really reliable primers. I use them in my .38 Specials and .357 Magnum reloads. They give extra power to both. Never had a failure.

  27. Oliver

    Hoping to get info on insurance for my shipment that Fedex sent to lord knows where.

  28. Luke

    Shipping was rather slow I’m on the east coast and it took 8 business days not counting thanksgiving or Black Friday I ordered on 11/22 and received on 12/3 product was fine and was what I expected

  29. ken Diamond

    I bought these online and had them delivered to the store. It took about a week for them to come in. They work very well, you won’t be disappointed in them.

  30. Charles

    Ammo per round price is decent. However, the shipping cost is kinda high and I haven’t gotten the best accuracy out of the ammo I’ve purchased. But you get what you pay for.

  31. Marcus

    I am very pleased with the way it shoots, its very clean and the brass is excellent. I will definitely be purchasing more.

  32. Bryan

    Fast shipping and they don’t jack up shipping rates to compensate for low prices. The shipping is free if you buy enough. All 9mm are good. The 556 penetrator 62 grain is good. The 22lr is really good and very accurate. It is my favorite for accuracy.

  33. Noah

    High quality Ammo, Good price, Excellent service and fast shipping.

  34. Aiden

    Great products and Great customer service. Couldn’t ask for better

  35. Ryker

    Shipment was delayed several days and the ammo was not packed well. When I opened the box, several boxes had opened and dumped inside the packing box. I haven’t shot the ammo yet so can’t comment on the quality of the ammunition

  36. Ryder

    The site was easy to navigate and purchases were easy, however I emailed sales twice regarding an order and never got a response.

  37. Marcus

    easy fast transition. even with my states heavy regulated gun laws. also fast shipping

  38. Joseph

    Very great nice and clean ammo I had remanufactured ammo beside this new ammo I found the remanufactured ammo is keep jamming in the gun but this new clean ammo from Norma AR very great and smooth in the gun never jams never fails I would recommend Norma always and would buy again

  39. Daniel

    Great price, shipped fast, Fed-Ex dropped the ball a little with a delay on shipping (4 days at same location made it late) but can’t blame

  40. Gabriel

    Searched locally for months for 38 Special Ammo and was unable to locate. Found Norma on internet, they had what I was looking for. Item was reasonably priced and shipped in a timely matter. Now I know where to go for my Ammo, thanks

  41. Leo

    Bought their deal on Black Friday got my ammo in ten days. Was a little slow because of the holidays I’m guessing

  42. Julian

    Well I had purchased a 243 rifle and the store had no inventory of 243 ammo.I was able to purchase ammo at one store and that was all they had. I religiously stopped by the store daily and called all stores daily. On one occasion a store customer service person in the ammo dept said for me to look up Norma. He said they are a little pricey $$ but they would probably have you need. Well he was right you had what I needed and more. The pricing was inline with prices at the retail store if not better. The website was easy to navigate. Updates on my order arrived by email. Delivery was within 3 weeks to my home. I have nothing negative to comment on. My experience was awesome! I was extremely happy to purchase a product made in the USA!

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