Federal Premium, .270 Win, TBT, 130 Grain, 20 Rounds



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The Federal premium 270 win is a great short to long-range medium to the large game cartridge that can benefit from a bit of trajectory calculation as we have provided. So what does the charting of the 270 Winchester’s external ballistics tell us exactly? It tells me that bullet shoots pretty flat with just a 3.03″ drop at 200 yards.

On my recent trip to the range using the new Browning X-Bolt Stainless Stalker, federal Nosler partition 270, I shot the following: Hornady American Whitetail 130 grains (over .848 inches); Federal Fusion 130 grit (well .410 inches). Federal Fusion maintains its grouping with a hot and cold barrel. I’m going to stock up on Fusion 130 grains!

The federal premium 270 130 grain Winchester cartridge is a perennial favorite for deer and other big game hunters in America. In the 130-150 grain range, with a bullet weight and a facial velocity of over 3,000 fps, 270 is an excellent choice for deer out to several hundred yards. Buy Outdoor Edge RazorMax Knife for sale.

So, the. 270 is popular with both factory ammunition users and hand loaders. With hand loads, like many cartridges, the performance of the. Two hundred seventy can be significantly enhanced but with an excellent economy.



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