Federal Power-Shok Ammunition 45-70 Government 300 Grain Soft Point Box of 20

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45-70 Government 300 Grain Soft Point Box For Online

With the only ammo in the market that is genuinely made for the best cycling and overall performance from the tried-and-true rifle platform, you can make your lever gun shoot like never before. Lever-action barrel lengths allow 45 70 government brass Hammer Down TM loads to achieve optimal ballistics and terminal performance at varying velocities. The optimal accuracy and expansion at those velocities have also been achieved by modifying the construction of the molecularly bound soft point bullets. Each round’s case, bullet, 45 70 government 250 gr monoflex leverevolution, and cartridge geometry work together to enable smooth cycling through lever-action feeding systems and tubular magazines.

  • Specifically engineered for lever guns
  • Functions flawlessly in side gate loading and tubular magazines
  • Modified chamfered case for easier feeding
  • Bullets optimized for better terminal performance out of lever-action rifles.
  • Designed in partnership with Henry Repeating Arms
  • 45 70 government 325 gr fix leverevolution
  • Bullets provide best-in-class expansion and weight retention on impact
  • 45 70 government ballistics.
  • Increased velocities and performance in pistol cartridges
  • Nickel-plated cases

Product Specifications

Grain Weight – 300 Grains

Muzzle Velocity – 1850 Feet per Second

Muzzle Energy – 2280 Foot Pounds

Bullet Style – Jacketed Hollow Point

Case Type – Brass

Reloadable – Yes

Caliber – 45-70 Government

Ballistic Coefficient – .289

Bullet Length In – 0.810in. / 20.57mm

Package Quantity – 20

Usage – Medium Game

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  • For safety reasons, we are unable to accept refunds on ammunition.
  • Make sure your gun is loaded with the appropriate ammunition.
  • When buying ammunition, make sure you are aware of the rules and restrictions in your area.
  • It is the buyer’s responsibility to be aware of local laws and regulations.
  • Since all ammunition is deemed dangerous, it will only be shipped by ground to the 48 contiguous states. A street address is needed for delivery.

992 reviews for Federal Power-Shok Ammunition 45-70 Government 300 Grain Soft Point Box of 20

  1. Tony

    Monday and was received and in my hands before the following weekend. This will always be my first shop stop.

  2. Roland

    Easy first time purchase. Mine was a “buy now”. Easy to find FFL holders in my area. I’ll do it again for sure.

  3. Jules F

    Had item in stock. A bit of delay in shipping but was proactive in letting me know.

  4. Kent

    Everything worked as it should and was very efficient.
    The process was seamless, thanks!

  5. Vhantrut

    Ow, my shoulder. I was sceptical about the claims of the velocity, but after firing a few rounds, I’m a believer. They would rip through any game in North America and leave a lot of energy behind in the target. Devastating stuff. When it comes to actually trusting my life to it though, I’m not so sure about that. The brass was dirty on every round. It was spotty and weathered. I had a couple of hangers when I cycled them all though my Marlin. For all the power, I still want to be sure of the function if I’m going to carry it. There are other rounds that cost a little more and may not be quite as potent, but frankly, I think these here are overkill even on a griz. I would recommend buying to shoot for fun. They certainly are that.

  6. Michael B

    No issues, a smooth process to find your dream firearm or firearms.
    Great source for good deals and numerous options provided

  7. Rich

    This superb for dropping large boar in their tracks

  8. Juam

    Running different ammo loads through my new 45-70 to see which cartridges I favored more for performance. Power: Great Bang and tons of force being unloaded onto target. Quality: brass cartridges cannot handle the force, constant jams having to really crank on the lever to get brass out. Ran a more robust round that uses similar bullet design and no issues. Probably won’t buy these again, it was a chore to get through the box.

  9. Fernando

    No hassles & the merchandise arrived at my FFL in 2 days. Everything went perfectly. Not my first purchase & surely not my last. 5 stars.

  10. Vanghuh

    My purchase was delivered quickly and was exactly as advertised. No hidden fees

  11. Abraham

    They provide a good platform to search for ammunitions. Purchasing is also easy.

  12. Abraham

    Great experience. Process was intuitive and every stage of the transactions was as advertised.

  13. Randal

    Very Good experience until the very end. What would have normally been another Christmas was now laborious and required punitive waiting periods per recent legislation in Washington State. The punitive wait process cannot even begin until until the applicant is forcibly required to relinquish any right to privacy they had previously enjoyed. Washington State’s Governor signed these clear infringements into law even while publicly admitting the laws would likely have no effect on use of firearms in committing violent crimes.

  14. David D

    This review follows a purchase that went through without a problem and the item was shipped quickly and securely.

  15. Nathan

    Fast shipping & product was as described. Very satisfied!

  16. Matthew

    I had a great experience making my first purchase

  17. John

    This is my “go-to” website for my gun, ammo and accessory needs. Very happy.

  18. Carlson

    Glad that I found this site. There are becoming more and more items these days that are just too hard to find. I’ve recently found a few sights that can help me get these items for both myself and friends and family. Thanks

  19. Edwin

    Couldn’t have been an easier transaction!! The price was fair & the shipping was very quick!!

  20. Venom

    The best place to buy your hunting supplies and it only took a week to get here. I will buy my next firearm again though and the price is a lot cheaper than buying local dealers. Thank you again for a great deal.

  21. Harris

    Really recommend this website!!!

  22. Fergusson

    My experiences have all been positive. Easy to communicate with the seller and easy to leave feedback
    The Amazon of Firearms and supplies

  23. Fred II

    Every transaction has gone exactly as it should. I have never had an issue with anything that I purchased through them. I am very grateful to have access to this site. Keep up the good work!

  24. Mark

    My first time ever buy from your site. I placed my order on March 7,2022 from a gun dealer in Texas. I was given a tracking number and was told it would be delivered to my FFL here in Florida on the March 10th(which I thought was a pretty good turn around) it actually arrived on the 9th! All around, it was a great experience! I would definitely recommend you folks to anyone who listens! And I am definitely buying my next firearm again from y’all!

  25. Jeremy

    I felt like I just “Primed” a gun. God bless America. God bless

  26. Tony

    Impossible to have a better experience. I placed my order over the weekend and my item shipped

  27. Kevin Howart

    I found exactly what I was looking for, and it gave me several options to go with. It was my first time using this website and I really really really really really recommend it!!

  28. Calvin

    Really recommend this website!!!

  29. Garry Garrison

    Easy to use. Product delivered on time and as shown.

  30. Edward Johnson

    I easily found what I needed, placed the order, and it arrived at my selected FFL in short order. Quick, easy, and trouble free. And with it being my first purchase that is very impressive. Great site.

  31. Marcello

    This is an excellent place for all of your firearm needs. Play your cards right and you can end up with some sweet deals.

  32. Venom

    Love this site! have been buying for several years and never disappointed by any of the transactions I have made…..

  33. Effron

    Very easy process. Everything went smoothly and I totally recommend using this site.

  34. Freddy

    Just replace my Leupold with a Nikon Monarch and the accuracy from this round is amazing. Took me only two shots and the 3rd shot was already Bullseye. Shot soda cans which turned into shrapnel with the power of bullet.

  35. George

    I have consistently received excellent service from the individuals listing on the website and I really appreciate how quickly the info gets processed and managed. Count me in as a big fan!!
    Great response time.. I enjoy the ease of use and the excellent service
    My order came on time all what I order I wanted to order more but it was my first time ordering kind of nervous about a big order everything was ok so I will order more I have a list, so see you soon
    I’m new but have found this to be an excellent way to our purchase a hard to find firearm
    Thank you for providing a trustworthy platform for excellent firearms.
    Website was easy to use. Check out process was easy to understand. Great way to purchase a gun.
    I have used the site before and felt comfortable that the sellers were trustworthy businesses. Items were promptly shipped and in advertised condition
    My first time purchase and totally satisfied.
    Fast service, great site, very easy to work with!
    I went to several gun stores to see if they would/could get a particular rifle I wanted. All of them said the particular rifle was on backorder and not available for purchase. A sales rep said about the only way to get what I wanted was to go through this site. So easy to do. I found the rifle I wanted right away and added to the cart. Was from a sporting goods store, brand new. Then I created an account, established a secure payment method and when I went to check out. I knew who I wanted, selected them and checked out. When I picked up the rifle from my local gun store, I couldn’t have been more pleased. So easy to buy through! If there were a comment, I would have appreciated a more detailed description about my order, but was pleased and was surprised when the rifle I bought showed up in its own case. With taxes and cost of case, I paid in total what I thought I was going to have to pay just for the rifle, which means I paid about $400 less for the rifle itself. Very satisfied with this site and would recommend to anyone! No hassle and easy online purchasing! Will be going through from now on to get exactly what I want instead of settling for local store selections and not getting exactly what I want.

  36. Trenton

    This was a great transaction .Very happy with my purchase.
    Very nice website, Everything about guns. Dont change anything.

  37. Sandyrerer

    My transaction went very smooth. My firearm arrived in excellent condition within the stated time. Fees/expenses were as advertised.

  38. David

    Normally I wouldn’t give something five stars that has not taken game..but touching shots through a Ruger #1 every time at 100 yds is great!

  39. Dunlap

    Excellent site with very good service. Very happy with purchase

  40. Stone Man

    This is an accurate round producing 2 inch, 3 shot groups at 100 yds. today thru my 1895 guide gun. Heavy recoil promises good anchoring of the target… I cannot wait for hunting season !

  41. Denisse

    For most use of my 45-70 I use a lighter load which is fine for most game hunting. Do use these when out in the boonies in Griz country, here in the PNW or Alaska..

  42. Rob

    This ammunition was flawless, every round was consistent.

  43. Rusty

    Surgical Precision! I own a Winchester model 70 PRE 64 300 h&h mag. I’ve shot federal vital shock before switching to Hornady. My rifle loves this ammo!!! Especially with a fouled barrel. I have taken 1 axis buck at 220 yds with very little drop compensation- dead on. Two black antelope ( 1 buck / 1 doe) at 180 yds.. Piece of cake! I have spent several hours at the range with this ammo. I am constantly placing shot onto one another. Super consistent! I only wish that Hornady would make a 200 gr. round – these rifles shine with bigger load! Thank you

  44. Jake

    I orderd a magnum reserch BFR 45 70 revolver. I wanted a variety of ammo to try. This is by far more than I want to handle. It is accurate and very powerful. 2 inch groups at 25 yards.

  45. John M

    Also have a pre 64 model 70 and this happened to be the ammo my wife got me for a bear hunt so I gave it a chance.well its all I will ever use from now on .hornady is awesome.