Federal American Eagle Ammunition 38 Special 130 Grain

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Quantity: 50 rounds


Hit your target and train harder with the proven federal American eagle ammunition 38 special lines. It provides performance similar to self-defense and competition loads for a familiar feel and realistic practice.

  • Clean-burning powders
  • Federal® primers and brass
  • Wide selection of bullet styles to suit target practice


38 Special
Grain Weight
130 Grains
50 Round
Muzzle Velocity
890 Feet Per Second
Muzzle Energy
229 Foot Pounds
Bullet Style
Full Metal Jacket
Lead Free
Case Type
Country of Origin
United States of America


28 reviews for Federal American Eagle Ammunition 38 Special 130 Grain

  1. Tony

    Monday and was received and in my hands before the following weekend. This will always be my first shop stop.

  2. Abraham

    They provide a good platform to search for ammunitions. Purchasing is also easy.

  3. Abraham

    Great experience. Process was intuitive and every stage of the transactions was as advertised.

  4. Nathan

    Fast shipping & product was as described. Very satisfied!

  5. Matthew

    I had a great experience making my first purchase

  6. John

    This is my “go-to” website for my gun, ammo and accessory needs. Very happy.

  7. Venom

    The best place to buy your hunting supplies and it only took a week to get here. I will buy my next firearm again though and the price is a lot cheaper than buying local dealers. Thank you again for a great deal.

  8. Fred II

    Every transaction has gone exactly as it should. I have never had an issue with anything that I purchased through them. I am very grateful to have access to this site. Keep up the good work!

  9. Scorpion

    This ammo out of two different snub nose revolvers, Kimber K6S and Taurus 856, both steel frame, at distances of 7 to 10 yards. Recoil and Muzzle Flip were mild and easily managed, allowing for quick sight picture and rapid follow up shots. Accuracy was outstanding. Point of Aim equaled Point of Impact. Ammo shot very clean. This ammo is “standard pressure” 38 Special. Higher velocity is being achieved by using a light for caliber bullet. The controllability and accuracy I experienced with this particular Underwood loading makes it the ideal choice for EDC in my snub revolvers. I won’t hesitate to purchase more of this ammo. Yes it’s pricey, but now that I’ve thoroughly tested it out of my EDC snubs, I’ll be shooting it more sparingly.

  10. Utah shooter

    Shot into Clear Ballistics Gel through denim and no denim. Penetrated 14.5 to 15.5 inches out of 6.5″ and 3″ barreled revolvers. Velocity was 1153 and 1037 fps respectively. Deeper penetration was from the shorter barrel. Wound channels seem to be similar to those made by hollow points that have expanded, as they advertises.

  11. Paladon

    Can be good for self defense. Does not have horrible recoil like a 357 round would. I do like the Fed HST 147 +P better.

  12. Tony

    Impossible to have a better experience. I placed my order over the weekend and my item shipped

  13. Hank

    It did pretty good in J frame. Would buy again….

  14. Wendi Raver

    American eagle 38 special 130 grain
    These are the best value I’ve found in a clean, accurate .38 for target practice and plinking. They are a pleasure to fire in my ruger security six 357 with 6″ barrel.Feels a lot like .22 magnums through my single six! My wife could shoot these all afternoon! Needless to say I have a stockpile of these…try ’em!!

  15. Jim

    I use this in a derringer as my extreme backup. It tore a milk jug of water to shreds.

  16. Muscat G

    Found myself with some time and some aged full one inch rough cut oak. Fired at 5 yds, these punched through three and heavily gouged the fourth. Perfecta 158 fmj drilled two and dented third; Rem 125 jhp +P punched first and marred second. Rio 20 gauge 1 buck , by comparison, shredded first with all pellets stuck in second. Earlier tests on water filled one gal paint cans showed penetration equal to fmj, with first can “pop” similar to the jhp.

  17. James

    I don’t understand the great reviews! I shot 2 rounds into a seasoned cotton wood stump and the penettation was the only good thing I found if you consider that a good thing. After retrieving the 100 grain bullet it looked almost like it did when I fired it. Little to no expansion

  18. Venom

    Love this site! have been buying for several years and never disappointed by any of the transactions I have made…..

  19. Effron

    Very easy process. Everything went smoothly and I totally recommend using this site.

  20. Guyanese

    This is available in +P but I opted for the extraordinary ordinary stuff (non +P) for my new Ruger Light Compact Revolver with External hammer, thus the model’s name the ‘LCRX.’ Since this revolver has the copper colored cylinder and looks so cool I didn’t want to scrimp on what kinda ammo fills those cylinder ports so I got this Underwood Xtreme with solid copper projectile. Performance consideration aside (nothing not to like about this), it weighs in at only slightly over 16 oz. Note the empty weight of the LCRX is only 13.5oz and, despite the light weight is rated for +P. In sum, awesome ammo for awesome new revolver.

  21. Dieter Krist

    Low Recoil
    Got this for my wife’s S&W model 10 for personal defense. The same apply to Winchester Super Match wad cutters I keep in my J frame.Control and low recoil. Only two I would use in a J frame if I must for some reason. Guess I am different but nobody can argue they are a blast for target practice.

  22. Garry

    I was surprised when I received this ammo, the box says for full size handgun. I’m glad I intended to carry these rounds in my L frame, 7 shot, 357 mag 386 PD. I’m not sure what the difference would be carrying these rounds in a small J frame. I’ve read comments the loads are stout which is good in my opinion. The big question is what is a full size handgun in Remington’s opinion. I feel confident in carrying this ammo. I like the fact that the bullet sticks out from the case quite a distance which puts the bullet about where a 357 Mag bullet might be reducing the cylinder-barrel bullet jump. Does Remington have a better 38 special round for my 2.5 inch barrel revolver? I don’t know, but we might not find out if Remington goes under from bankruptcy. Wait and see.

  23. Big Mac

    Keep this ammo loaded in S&W 642 airweight. Mostly as backup, but sometimes light clothing carry weapon. Accurate, hard hitting, and STOUT. Recommend it.

  24. Trenton

    This was a great transaction .Very happy with my purchase.
    Very nice website, Everything about guns. Dont change anything.

  25. Sandyrerer

    My transaction went very smooth. My firearm arrived in excellent condition within the stated time. Fees/expenses were as advertised.

  26. Dunlap

    Excellent site with very good service. Very happy with purchase

  27. Larry

    I bought a couple of boxes of this ammo a while back. I just got back from the range. I had these, Buffalo Bore and Double Tap.Smith & Wesson 638. OMG! potent and extremely accurate! The other stuff was almost black powder smokey; the DTs were paff: that’s all; just paff. I’m ordering more Ultimate Defense today. The other stuff is range ammo now.

  28. Gregory

    Hit point of aim with my Smith and Wesson 36. Little bitty groups. Works so far.

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