Federal American Eagle 223 Remington 55 Grain FMJ The Prepper

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82 reviews for Federal American Eagle 223 Remington 55 Grain FMJ The Prepper

  1. Liam

    The reviews about this retailer are accurate.. I bought last week, got an email with tracking # all good. The package gets to my local FedEx hub, cannot and will not deliver because of damage and returning whatever is left of it back to the shipper. No communication, nothing. I sent email to their “customer service” nothing, and calling them is a waste of time as everyone has already stated. And yes, the shipping price is a joke.. bring you in with cheap prices and then put you over a barrel on shipping. Steer clear. ** Update** After submitting both a credit card claim and BBB complaint they finally responded and quickly sent me what I ordered without issue.

  2. Leonel

    Using as tune up ammo for AR platform. Seems consistent Maybe a little expensive for me.

  3. Tony

    Monday and was received and in my hands before the following weekend. This will always be my first shop stop.

  4. Stephen

    I have had one squib round, but after 1000s of rounds fired, its the only time. I personally think Norma is great for the money. Almost blowing up my face not a highlight, but due to extreme luck that didn’t happen. 5 stars because overall, its been great, but watch your bullet holes on target. maybe not best for carry ammo, though. cant really see a bullet hole in those instances…

  5. Owen

    The ammo was reasonably priced (for our current time lol) and functioned great as training ammo. 4/5. It took an extra week to get to me for some reason …so 2/5

  6. Dave

    I use this ammo in a variety of firearms, bolt action and semi-auto. I have never experience a jam or miss fire. I will continue to purchase this product.

  7. Camden

    Fast service, great site, very easy to work with!

  8. Mateo

    I really appreciate the quality ammunition at a reasonable price. I’m a loyal customer as long as quality, fair prices and good customer service continues.

  9. Robbe

    I’ve used this ammo for a few years and have been satisfied with its performance. It is clean burning and priced right. Great for target shooting.

  10. Gabriel

    Web site is polished and neat but…

  11. Logan

    Smooth transaction from beginning to end. Excellent seller, great communication. Easy transaction. Excellent FFL on other end.

  12. Kevin

    I didn’t receive one box of ammo I order. I emailed the company with no response. This is my first poor transaction with them.

  13. Abraham

    They provide a good platform to search for ammunitions. Purchasing is also easy.

  14. George

    Shot this thru my 223 Marlin 26″ Heavy/Bull Brl. out to 100 yrds. First shot it at 75 yrds – next at 100 yrds. Groups great. Made a few adjustments to my Scope(Vortex CF 4X16-44). Indoor 100 yrd Range here in Gwinnett Co. Georgia. Cleaner than some ammo I shoot for five dollars less at 20 round clips. Buy it it, shoot it. You’l like it. Tight groups – a few bullet holes on holes at 100 yrds.

  15. Benjamin

    I am upset with the service I have received, and was not reimbursed for my canceled order via free shipping nor 10% off.

  16. Stephen

    The product was delivered in a timely fashion. I spend time on a range quite frequently. The ammo shot wonderfully in my VP9SK. Thank you

  17. Abraham

    Great experience. Process was intuitive and every stage of the transactions was as advertised.

  18. Lucas

    There are a lot of ways for you to improve. I will not go into all of them. But you could start by answering the “help” questions faster. And a lot of questions cannot be answered with your written articles or robo answers. Plus you make tons of money. Get a phone number for people to call!

  19. Leo

    I shoot long range and also reload for that purpose. Deer at 400/500 yards, no problem

  20. Ryder

    I ordered 9mm Norma and it arrived as expected in a week. Although their initial auto-email conformation was worded poorly and misleadingly, the order came out OK. It pays to be patient with them because their communication messages are not very assuring. The package was well done and wrapped in “Tamper Detection” tape, which is god for preventing shipping breaches. If simply measured by my shipment results they deserve a good rating.

  21. Michael Orach

    I bought this ammo when it was on sale. I used it to sight in one of my AR15 scopes. Works great instead of using really expensive match ammo for my rifle. No jams, misfires or feeding issues with this ammo. Would not expect any less from a company like Winchester. I wish it would go on sale again. I would buy it again and again.

  22. Ryan

    Customer for years. Most recent purchase included after the win add-ons and took almost a month. Seller remained in communication; but, the advantages of using GB have started to go down. Ended up paying way more than I bid/won, and when I add in the Dealer fee (FFL) I will probably just start buying directly. Make sure you know that what you bid, and win for, may not be what you pay, by several hundred dollars, as a matter of fact. This was my first less than stellar experience.