Dickinson Estate BBL HRO SxS Shotgun

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Buy Dickinson Estate Bbl Hero Sxs Shotgun Online

Dickinson Estate Bbl Hero Sxs Shotgun Series side-by-side shotguns provide superior feel, balance, and easy handling for demanding athletes and women. And as good as they are to handle and shoot, they’re just as gratifying to look at, thanks to features like the premier hand-tested Turkish walnut stock and trigger plate receiver that tightens the actual bone-and-bone box and the hand-carved English. Scroll accents Dickinson estate shotgun Advanced CNC machining technology and meticulous attention to detail ensure these sides germinate Dickinson estate well and retain their luxurious appearance for many seasons to come. Buy GLOCK 17 G17 GEN 5 9MM APOLLO CUSTOM CONGRY online.


UPC ECOM00106533

  • Gauge 28 GA
  • Finish WOOD
  • Capacity 2 ROUNDS
  • Action SIDE BY SIDE
  • Frame Material NOT SPECIFIED
  • Slide Material NOT SPECIFIED
  • Barrel Length 28 BARREL
  • Receiver Material NOT SPECIFIED
  • Receiver Finish NOT SPECIFIED

587 reviews for Dickinson Estate BBL HRO SxS Shotgun

  1. Barry H

    So this came in great condition. Hand select wasn’t an option. I was a bit worried but it looks amazing. Took it to the range. I got an extra mag and sent 100 rounds through both magazines, it didn’t jam once. Great gun, at least mine is. It is surplus so thats always a gamble.

  2. DJohn

    Yes dislike had couple starches on the gun but I got them out everything ok
    a visual masterpiece of gun design. I haven’t fired the gun yet, but I’ve seen You Tube videos of its performance and it is quite excellent!

  3. John F.

    First purchase. It was very user friendly. Staff was quick to keep notified and I got my order within a week. I’ll definitely be shopping thru them again.

  4. Frank Peterson

    I bought this gun without ever firing this gun before and finally got to fire it for the first time. After the first 5 shots, I knew, this is it. This is the one. Recoil was low, it felt great in my hands, and man was this thing accurate. Out of the first 5 shots through this gun, 3 of them went through the same hole. I cant say enough about this gun, I love it. I just wish there were more accessories for it. Like a Glock has a million and 1 accessories, but for the APX they’re hard to come by. But honestly it’s just fine on it’s own. I highly recommend!

  5. Fred

    I wanted a EDC that is on the larger side that I am extremely confident in. This gun was a no-brainer.

  6. Marius

    Have not fired the gun yet but make sure your read everything before ordering from here. the price changes during checkout and they don’t do exchanges or returns??

  7. Lawrence V

    Very good experience nice friendly salesman fast shipping very happy will definitely recommend this place and try again

  8. Josh

    Gun came in very good condition, grips were just ok, but new ones are easily obtained. Replaced. First magazine through, jammed on round three. Cleared. Jammed again round four. Tore gun down and found extractor severely worn from active use, most likely with steel case ammo. Don’t use steel case ammo folks, it’s cheap, but will cause significant wear damage to parts directly in contact with the shell. Replaced extractor, spring and pin. Ran about ten magazines through flawlessly. I have a ton (17) of Beretta handguns, including a 92x Performance. This is certainly one of the top shooters! Thank you…

  9. Mark

    I have not shot this gun yet but the mechanics are very stable and sturdy. I look forward to finding out what this gun is capable of.

  10. Boris J

    Loving this gun. For a military surplus gun it has been great. Shoots good and didn’t break the bank. I would buy again.

  11. Constance

    The transaction was timely and there were no issues. The regular email and text message updates from gunprime kept me posted on delivery progress. My local gun shop handled the transfer and background check very well.

  12. Janvier Russeau

    So this came in great condition. Hand select wasn’t an option. I was a bit worried but it looks amazing. Took it to the range. I got an extra mag and sent 100 rounds through both magazines, it didn’t jam once. Great gun, at least mine is. It is surplus so thats always a gamble.

  13. Garrison

    Absolutely in love with this gun. Total satisfaction! I own quite a collection but this is far above the others. Great handling, low recoil, superior precision. A+++++
    Ordered on Monday FFL dealer received on Tuesday.

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