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Block Targets Classic GenZ Youth Archery Target For Sale

The young archer was the target market for Block GenZ’s design. It is designed for bows with a draw weight of little more than forty pounds. Longer target life and effortless arrow removal are made possible by the renowned open-layered design. Beginning with the larger circle in the center, young archers can improve their accuracy by aiming at the smaller circles as they go.

The best child archery targets available are the BLOCK GenZ and GenZ XL! Minecraft target blocks are lightweight, fashionable, and were made with the youthful archer in mind. The BLOCK GenZ and GenZ XL, with their open-layered technology, make it simple to withdraw arrows, even for bows with draw weights of no more than forty pounds. Regardless of the type of arrow tip, the shooter is using—field trips, fixed-blade broadheads, or mechanicals—this results in a longer target life.

Block Targets for Archery

The block archery targets are essential tools for honing accuracy and precision. Constructed from dense foam, they efficiently absorb arrow impact, prolonging their lifespan. Their layered design offers multiple aiming points, facilitating skill development for archers of all levels. Archery target blocks are portable and versatile, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Their durability and ease of use make them indispensable for archery enthusiasts seeking consistent improvement in their shooting skills.

Block Targets Classic GenZ Youth Archery Target FEATURES:

  • With its innovative open-layered design, which uses friction rather than force to halt arrows, the target has a longer lifespan and the shooter experiences less fatigue.
  • Arrows can pass through gaps in the open, unglued friction foam layers because to the Block’s unique friction-layered construction. Friction and the heat produced by fast-moving arrow penetration literally grip the arrow shaft. 
  • Arrow removal is made as simple as possible when the heat subsides and releases the arrow shaft in a matter of seconds.
  • stops expandable broadheads, field tips, and broadheads with fixed blades.
  • geared toward novice archers
  • When using 40 lb. or fewer draw weight bows, use
  • Revolutionary archery target
  • Layered design
  • Youth target.


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