Black Eagle Outlaw Feather Fletched Arrows


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  • Durable 19 Series feather fletched hunting arrow, that’s affordable
  • This arrow was designed specifically for the toughest outdoorsman
  • it was built using superior carbon technology to handle the ruggedness and abuse encountered while hunting–and their price tag will keep you smiling
  • Designed with the perfect balance of speed and kinetic energy this shaft is extremely versatile for the range or the woods
  • Just like any Outlaw, they have been tested, beaten, and bloodied–and they keep coming back for more
  • Inside diameter: .244″
  • Weight: 350 spine 8.9 gpi | 400 spine 8.1 gpi | 500 spine 7.4 gpi | 600 spine 6.8 gpi | 700 spine 6.1 gpi
  • Sold in a 6 pack


  • Orange Nocks – 10 Grains
  • Outlaw Inserts – 14 Grains
  • 3″ Feathers | Flo-Yellow, Red – 12 Grains
  • Shipped in Outlaw Box

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